It's here! Integrative numerology course!

Loves!! I am very excited to officially present you with the next course!!

Welcome! after a little wait and many requests I already pledge to offer you this trip by my side!

I leave here a promotional mini clip with some aspects treated in the zoom workshop! I wanted to include phrases and concepts so that you feel like you will be spoken to (customizing mantras / accessing your relationships / constantly concing yourself as conscious beings and from the heart)


The posts of these last few weeks have been giving you clues about what we will learn to internalize. The language of soul and heart versus the day, in the face of our energy responsibilities and our gifts. Which will also help us understand our vital mission from high frequency and high awareness.

I will be available for questions and inquiries by email / wassap . This information appears in the video description and on the karimatherapy page itself. com in the contact section.

I send you a lot of love and with great enthusiasm I will be preparing the materials as you confirm as I will adapt it to you and channel it for you. You will learn in a group where you will allow yourself to resonate. It will not be a coincidence who joins and the groups you access. I will do so in a way that honors you as an energetic constellation, as individuals with your needs for connecting with yourself and for the intention of acquiring new tools for your daily use. I seek that you may feel connected to your energy gifts and responsibilities on a daily basis. In addition to learning very special and revealing elements through the "integrative" component. Karima Therapy integrates the magical and the therapeutic from very different areas: Systemic, transpersonal psychology, psychologist-magic and then my own spiritual signature when it comes to contemplating you.



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