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Therapeutic and educational workshops designed for inner change and awareness
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Female alchemy Workshop
Mother- child

This 17th of May 2019 in The Hague, Holland!
Looking at the female psyche from the mother addressing your own inner child, teen and sense of nurture! We look at the bond as a message for you!

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Female alchemy Module I
Your intuition

A psycho-energetical look at your gifts, abilities and mission …an introduction you the study of tantric numerology applied to the female psyche and development. We go to the “core” – no holding back!

woman moon

Moon gatherings for us

Join us sunset at our spot by the sea to learn about our “water” ( emotions and intuition) linked to the moon and our cycle.
I especially plan these according the full / new moon and the astral occurrences at this time.
We feel quite connected to all that is part of our yin, our feminine energy and the cosmos along with it 😉

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Female intuition experience
The female connection to nature

Upcoming experience this summer 2019 . Its a treat and a once in a blue moon experience. I wish to transmit to you the wisdom and the messages I receive from nature as your right. With a shamanic touch welcome to the KIT in a beautiful environment

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Erase una vez me enamoré de mi misma

Upcoming televised gathering at Artesano Festival 2019 Marbella!! Saturday 27th of July
Reunion televisada en el Festival de Artesano 2019 Sabado 20 de julio. No os lo perdáis!
Sharing some of the KIT to my fellow Spanish ladies 🙂

Mindfulness and emotional intelligence Course

To start off the new school term 2019-2020
For kids!!!!
Lets play, learn and enrich our children with a connection to themselves they can’t get anywhere else. With a touch of art therapy and psycho-social activities its a moment of love and learning.

Lets learn together. Lets ascend together. Lets do magic

Lets Begin!