Truths for today….

Hora De Finalización, Apocalipsis, Fin Del Mundo


A little of my truth to your hearts. Hoping it helps with any pressures or ache

We are set free yes…. but the femenine is tentatively reaching out and discovering her realms…exploring how far she can go. Like an animal kept in captivity. She now tests her strength when she can move freely. She is testing her abilities with the full use of her faith and can feel where it takes her. 

We can access unprecedented forms of self healing just by intention ( especially today as a 6 with ourselves) . 

The purging continues so we can set more light within than ever before. 

We are freed carries the following meaning for me:  The truth is not kept from us any longer and we are free to heal this that is being claimed and purged simultaneously. 

We are free to connect with the divine without feeling limited in doing so . We can challenge interferences when we notice them trying their absolute best to detain part of this flow. Yet these blocks are not truly “illusions” . They are trying to grapple with the last tricks left. We can do this. 

The femenine is still careful but there is no rush. She doesn’t need to gallop from the get go. She can re awaken her senses and feel about her. This is her time to reclaim her space and she can do so as she feels to. The only real urgency is in knowing that interference will be trying its absolute best to trick you into feeling like love and light is far. Having true awareness of this allows for the respecting of their nature, the battles and where we are so we can reach out consciously for the sun. 

The high priestess within our all beckons. She sees from the infinity of her light. Place a beloved infinity of light before your third eye and see what comes to you. She sees the truth and contemplates it. You are free to access her. To bring her forward. She might seem solemn but this is her wisdom permeating through. She is solemn in truth, in void. The femenine isn’t all smiles, or all for others at all times. She is for her own too and this part is being freed. The femenine for the self. 

Be the gift unto yourself. Receive your wonder. You are free to do so. No matter the wounds tat are uncovered. You are no longer shackled to them but actually witnessing all that has been a part of your pain body so you can breathe it and flow it past. 


Valuable practice:

I acknowledge this feeling….. ( and hold it with love and awareness) and then allow for it to flow and allow for yourself to feel yourself embuing with love the parts you need. you are purifying in this act of freedom so you can fully feel it as such. Freedom isn’t instant relief for everyone. There is a “shock” and a releasing act necesary and this takes the time it takes . This is especially true when new truths are revealed and feelings are surprising us. 

Take a moment to commune with gaya. Everytime you are with Gaya you are spending time with your unconscious sacred self. Your beloved femenine in its raw self. This can be as simple as tending to a plant and having the Intention to feel her state or going to the woods or sea and feeling her energy, emotions… The first things you pick up, messages, colours, sensations. She is always talking. Now we are available to hear and interact. You are in fact interacting with yourself when you do so. 

Anchoring yourself in what for you equates to faith and trust will help in these times. Trust between masculine and femenine is once again being purged for instance so going to a place of inner trust will help. I for instance anchor myself in saying the following:

” Love is my strength

The truth I feel is my faith”

There are specific messages of the masculine and femenine union she has been specifically vocal about ….This I will honour with much more detail especially for bonded souls in the here and now wrestling with interferences. 


Lots of love on this day.

Lots of compassion to our our energetical needs and emotions.

These days can bring us closer to ourselves as we attempt to bring closeness toward the other. Yo uare perfect as you are. You don’t have to please. Just be your beautiful authentic self and the love that is available will ooze out without emptying you.

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