Transcending Polarity – A retrograde insight of hope

Dear all, 

I propose a concise reflection for the following Mars retrograding on a systemic level: 

What “me versus….” topics are resurfacing? 

What areas of your life are re-presenting  ” the victim aggressor ” within and outwardly? 

What areas activate the fear realm within? 


Lately, I have been able to accompany those whom I love in dealing with perceived “me versus…” that they thought would be long behind them. 

I am still in a dialogue with “How am I this lost even with all that has been worked through me?” 

We are reaching new layers, new levels of love affirming densities. We are accessing truths felt as “pain” within the unconsiousness and this for some is like living in this constant pain. There is no “fix it” or upbeat perspective. There is only a serious look at how we usually move through this pain, this divide. There is a focus on even transcending the usual solutions or paths chosen. An inner and external defiance of change that is unavoidable. This is where most love is arriving. We are not left to fester – our soul is claiming its right for harmony. Harmony lies in movement and the crisis an indication of where the movement was resisted. This same crisis is also the tool to further unblock truths that disabled movement. This isn’t just any movement I am referring to. I am talking about blowing apart the “usual” and defining the new paths. Resolving to reconcile with aspects of the self and of life – especially the faith we feel toward it- to muster paths that elevate from the underground subterranean parts of the self. 

A dear friend reminded me today that a revolutionary choice is in choosing oneself in a way one never has. I have encountered many feminine energies unconsciously working through their resentment toward the masculine. After sifting through the layers and the complexities of this perceived polarity I was conveyed one theme in my immediate system. That of resenting that is stemmed from the feminine knowing it will give more that is available. Resenting the masculine as a result of giving in a way that meant the feminine energy was more chaotic than ever and not at all claimed or cared for. The polarity is transcended when faith returns to those parts that need it. The feminine holding itself in a place of value so that it can serve as a reference for the masculine to have a direction. The masculine having a chance to be inspired. This is something i could talk about extensively but this post was not meant for this. It was a reminder that now more than ever, the truth is convoluted and the love and compassion for the self and all through it might be trickier as our defenses come up and our fears cause us to attach to conclusions but I invite you to bring forth divine patience for the process. We will transcend the polarities of mind vs heart, good versus bad, masculine yang vs feminine Ying energies…. Have faith. You may be in the midst of it but it is because you were ready to go this deep and this far. 

However, no commitment to the self can have faith as conditional. Faith can be sustained upon respect for the self, a constancy in listening to oneself and acting accordingly so you can build the respect of the self through being there for yourself and leaving the rest to trust and time. I promised once before and I do so again. I will write about faith in a way it deserves beyond the connotations it has so we can also build a new relationship with it. 


We are wading through the feminine. Through nothing being what it seems. Through truths seeping out of our systems and personal pores… Keep going. Be true. Express your feelings as they come so you can always come. Let go of expectations of being understood at the moment. Allow yourself to observe the action that wishes to come through you and consult yourself with the energy behind it. 

Even connecting the third eye, heart, and root chakra with a reverence and conscious breathing from them all may help. Easy does it 🙂 Being brave at the moment is in being present moment to moment without controlling each step out of fear. 

Lots of love always, 

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