The rebirth of Gaia. Your conscious gestation. The potential of now.


What a gift of the present moment (I share you as sorry) 


(Inspired by a similar portrait I painted this picture with Gaia's new energies to illustrate the potential of now if we could teach you – from my soul to yours!)



I'm excited to share the next pipeline of the day with you. Well, really how it was all going on a few days ago. You will sometimes notice that new ideas or new energy flows cultivate "truths" through a subtle process. In my case what begins is a transformation of the language that I use with myself and with you. A new discourse that encompasses words and intentions of new and purified energies. It is very important to note that my reality is my projection. My reality is corresponding to my energy responsibility. My speech to myself is essential in understanding what I believe in my words (mental and explicit). 

The words re-defined Gaia from her "meditative state" to realize that she really would have to be conceived from a "state of gestation." He felt it inward, exhaling with relief as he cared for himself but his essence as an abundant and unconditional mother cannot be extinguished overnight. Just because her motherhood doesn't feel out because we're all at her night, in her break, in her exhalation to also go inwards, doesn't mean that her motherhood has stopped. Quite the opposite. Her motherhood blooms, evolves into something dazzling. Your new "I." His new expression of his self. Your new skin with its transformed alchemical essence.

At this moment the potential for new outbreaks of very high vibration for a renewed Gaia is brewing. 

This is a before and after how we experience reality. How we experience her! 

How do you experience yourself?

What reality do you concebis? 

Sit down for a few moments and root in new energy. Schedule it as such and it will be like this. I saw rubies on my feet…. That's how I trusted. It's no longer about questioning our imagination, sense of love, or intuition. Absolute faith in sensations!! Absolute faith in your power of internal transformation

How do you talk about your reality? What language do you use to refer to who are you? 

Gaia is a goal of observing her relationship with herself. It can't be from imbalance and lack of love. You are also not in this hibernation to ignore the irrevocable potential of it. Please honor yours! Honor her!! 

If you feel moments;  of creativity, inner abundance even if it does not reflect external reality, pure love does what it is…. are sparks of the nature of the new Gaia. You are in transformation to be able to ascend with the new Gaia. With the wrappings of before, the language of before we do not honor the new nature that we might be creating within you. This virus or call to ascension asks us to connect with the essentials. The answers are not important because not mental when we ask ourselves the questions offered in this post. 

What is essential for you right now? 

You may invite yourself to ask this question with your feet rooted and your heart open. Inhale and exhale from your high heart and ask yourself this question after this conscious breathing. The answers, at this time of ying, are not necessarily clear- they are perfect. They are symbolic, sensations, feelings and time gives them when you feel it. Time is also becoming you.

How do you use your time?

Where do you live the time?

If your heart were the essential rudder of life – would it be the reality you create as something of quality to it? 


No need to answer everything. It is a conscious dialogue for our subconscious to express and offer reality of higher vibration in the body, mind and heart of each one. When we ask ourselves the questions from the heart and from the intention of love our day to day becomes the answer as it illustrates that we live from the intention of the same question. I will invite you to think in this way- to reflect in this conscious way accompanied by posts. They are questions to the soul- to Gaia- and both answer with life! 

I only transmit the mobilized energy and catalyst for transformation at your fingertips. A little more awareness of co-creationisms right now can be the difference in which this stage is lived as a before and after or a mere "wait". Nothing will ever be the way it was again. we experience the dead at all levels. But as it is a death from the perspective of the female divinity, it is a REBIRTH. The way we allow ourselves to receive this rebirth—this phoenix moment—carries the key to our authentic fullness and true help for Gaia. 

I am Gaya. Gaya is me. (so I choose to connect with my language with her to express her will). You can create your own connecting mantra. Today with the 6 with ourselves the introspection and will to create a reality of love is imperative. Distortions today are too easy. Let us take responsibility and breathe our love for the now as it is. 

A hug! With love



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