The healing waters

Dear all, 

Today I dont speak with a certainty that this message be for all. I know that Nothing I convey is literal in meaning too. From my awareness and heart to yours. Some of you will feel spoken to personally, some collectively and perhaps many not at all. This is ok as I am talking about that which will be and is happening all at once for some. It is even difficult for me to fully grasp mentally. I just feel. And this experience may only be for some due to it. 

Today I was seized by the informative nature of silence. Yet usually I delve into “noise” pretty quickly. And today I chose to listen. It took me to the entrancing witnessing of the heavy rain pour upon the mountains before me.  When I saw the droplets appear upon glass this is when I felt the “confines” expanding. The glass entombing of our hologram being visible and the seas pouring onto us liberating us. The rain pouring bringing in a new era. The rainbow that will appear after this pour will be one of new humanity circumstance. If gaya has felt “trapped” she will no longer feel as such. The illusions before our eyes are being lifted. The illusions that entrapped us will allow us to perceive what is real and dear to us. We wont be pulled to escape our reality but interact with it, to create from it as we can be inspired by it. 

Weather, Vidrio, Rain, Nube, Cloudy Day

More over it was the vision of a large wound in the bark of a sacred tree. A tree to represent all trees. This was what enabled my comprehending we are being healed from our most vulnerating wounds. The wounds of that which holds us up and keeps us present in this life. The wounds are being healed with revitalized waters. These are coming from within so its fed by authenticity and a breathe of hope. The sap was being purified within the bark and closing up the opening with a golden hue in a progressive loving manner. 

I felt it was most likely a wound we inflicted upon ourselves as a collective to be able to put ourselves back together in a way that would honour the new to come. True divide leading to true union. Yet we arent being cured to return to the status quo . Time doesn’t implore a return even if we are mirroring cycles. Time is imploring a purification so as to bring about a new time. We are being healed in order to unite from a new base within. The sense of who we are filtered by the golden rays, golden frequencies. Our undercurrents can connect to something sacred in a conscious way. We no longer have to exist in such a way that our unconscious has a life of its own that we compartmentalize. We can be one with our truth. We can feel this healing as sacred. 

Relatively speaking there is still a little longer to go. I saw the sap filling up with healthy love as the bark that had been struck open. Yet I see the pearly seems that would completely close the break as needing a little time still. In other words we may appear broken but from the inside the healing is truly happening. When we feel “whole” and can appear as such it will no longer be in “appearance” only. We are entering a time of authenticity as sovereign. Unifying the parts within as integral. no longer searching for parts that already belonged to us but needed our awareness to reunite. 

Libro, Edad, Nubes, Árbol, Las Aves

The wounds are being healed. 

Self love being restored from the tragedy. 

As long as we heal into “new” forms and don’t cling to the old we can see the point of the “break” we may have suffered. 


Lots of love and hope… let the golden waves roll forth into the new paths of our souls. 



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  • Bianca Jan 8, 2021 @ 18:01

    The most outstanding words I have ever read! ♥️ Beautiful, full-filling soul, mind and life in present moment to live fully. Touching one’s soul. Talent of yours enriching us all. Keep bringing us healing & light, you make difference beautiful woman. Beautiful angel. Your words and ways are gold.

    • Karima Jan 8, 2021 @ 18:54

      It’s women like you that shape these gold perspectives for me! I love you and thankyou for taking the time to write back your resonance and feeling .

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