The female in today’s numbers!!!

Beautiful people!!!! 

( This spiral reminds us of the sacred movement and sunlight of the plexus in a gesture of self-protection and empowerment

Today we start again with mirror observation! 3 in the soul and 3 in mission of life! I pay attention to this pair today with you as it is a celebration of some sacred values of energy and love from a personal balance perspective 🙂 I link it to the feminine as I am in the service of channeling it and thus sharing it with you. In this way I feel that I channel an aspect of all, for all, from a high frequency that I allow myself to contemplate. 

Today we will be given the opportunity to attend to the emotional balance and what this means to us on multiple levels. The 3 in the soul can observe that at the mere act of waking up we feel dull or downtrodden in some way. The 3 invites us in these instances to accept what arises within. Similar to the treatment I highly recommend with the feminine – especially if we want to rise with her in this new consciousness of Gaia’s feminine divine – the 3 seeks to be accepted because when it is so it can flow and foster other states. It resembles pre-menstruality for some when “irrational” feelings sprout. When we reduce them to hormonal conditions, we’re not giving them their place of full respect. There is much truth in those highs and lows as much as the “irrational” experiences that can be born today. I have felt 3 need more darkness and “close the curtains” to take a little more night in the beginning of the day or 3´s that require loneliness so that you do not have to put on the mask of “availability”.

If I looked at these phenomena with compassion (THE KEY OF 3 IN THE GIFT of the self) they really communicate ; sacred energies of self-protection, veneration of the subconscious and need to prioritize. For me this is very linked to the Nemetone vibration. On days like today we can afford to give space to these needs without sticking to them and thus allow them to flow to other states. The 3 may ask us for another rhythm to honor, and when she opens those curtains it will be because her  heart is opening with them “to the day”, “to the moment”  or on the contrary the “darkness” gave her clarity on intimate issues that she will then want to communicate from another emotion. For the feminine its not what we do but how and from what energy and out intention will be purest when we feel internally supported and externally respected to do so. Have faith in your flow and that way the 3 does not stagnate and give off a blocked energetically vibe as a constant. Whether you’re up (euphoria for example) or down (extreme melancholy for example), we will find that no extreme peak benefits us. Neutrality is a 4 thing, so 3 already puts the foundation of this practice by providing balance. What I have spoken of at this point is linked to the notion of respect for what is presented to accompany us wisely as it is to other balanced states. The 3 bases itself on compassion. Not judging or being extreme in our self-indulgence that can undermine the evolution that wants to express itself within one. This is emoting that a healthy 2 would afford the 3 – the attachment shadows of the 2 can block the three but the three expands itself to be open to creating from a space of self love and compassion.

This balance can be observed from the life mission and  can be projected outward – in the day and in interaction with the other. The 3 in imbalance can seek to receive more than is needed to retrieve from the outside or give more than it has.

How do I remedy this imbalance?

See today as a respectful give-and-take movement. If this is hard us today every attempt and intention will be a giant step on the subconscious level and remember guys I will repeat this time and time again WITH TRYING /HAVING THE INTENTION it is powerful enough! . Since today is a little more difficult for the 3 we can have faith that out attempts will yield the results of balance that will reverberate at other future times a little easier – have faith. Since the soul is present in the 3 I feel that it can be beneficial to simply observe us in these give and take tendencies to ask how we administer these energies internally. 

Am I available to myself? 

Do I grant myself what I need to be healthy at these levels; energetic, emotional, physical…?

The 3 in gift would be available without turning off or draining the other as it would know how to be in the “service” from compassion and joy. As today it is a question of tanning this numerical value we are in the act of balancing and healing what unbalances. Without judging or demanding. Being able to observe ourselves honestly is already a step since we are taking the first step of taking responsibility and so we do not oscillate between the victim or the internal or external aggressor. The female is attacked with misunderstanding and pressure . When we do this to a child for example it inhibits its development or becomes chaotic under pressure. This is the same for female; their joyful and present creative potential depends on an honest contemplation of the internal energies, how they move, what we ask, we crave, we seek, in what we cling to…. being our own true FRIENDS! 

There’s a lot we could say about 3, but I’m in channel mode expressing what I think is important for today’s being that can read to me. Today’s moments of joy will serve to balance in a sense “laughing at onese extent and the problems even when it seems more difficult”. That’s how we show friendship to life. Without demanding him only being present myself, you can laugh at the difficulty. Laughter brings energy and cleanses one’s energetic environment. Laughing when I’m in bed under the sheets, seeing me be able to go to that teenage girl who prioritized these needs over external demands. Laughing at what I would normally judge and thus hold my hand and take me to greener, flown terrain without forcing. The key to the female

The 3 at chakra level finally invites us to contemplate ourselves from this prism. How our vital energy flows into this energy center. Giving ourselves tones of yellow today and feeding ourselves with love on all levels; dialogue, energetic and physical food, and bringing water to the emotion so that it is purified would be very beneficial. How this intermediate portal/ chakra accesses that which is between heaven and earth / the portal that determines in addition to giving and receiving a place that speaks to us of balanced love. From these last musings is from where  I emphasize to you the need to reflect on ones own energetical distribution of energy because this way we see how I love myself in front of the other and vice versa. These are 3-year-long approaches and the day will give us opportunities to contemplate it from the smallest to the most explicit. 

Another way to contemplate it is to understand that this is where our sun comes from and we can feed it to shine evenly – without burning or needing other people’s light to shine – but really protect and guide it towards her own enlightenment for being. It requires protection as every door and our contemplation as any important energy notion on which we rely as a being. 

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