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I'm writing from a place where you see The Remaining Light of the Day looking for its gap among the "grey" clouds. There are quite a few beautiful these clouds and the truth that present the echo of a repetitive feeling of Gaia. One where his "night" is deep. His willingness to be honored in "his need" and to bow to "his needs" as prevailing over everything else.

It also reminds me today of humility. He's been preparing to integrate it as part of my feeling for a couple of days. The admiration and being present in her omnipresent beauty always "puts me in my place" but this time it is really about feeling what she supposes, like being omnipotent, has given us so much, when in a sigh, the gray cloud could cover our skies irrevocably and permanently, if she chose it so.


She's so used to what it means to battle behind the scenes. Behind what we could conceive of and what our "normality" brings that in these moments of apparent deprivation what we really receive is Gaia, inviting us to contemplate her absolute power. And show us what she normalized. This "deprivation" of externality gives her quietness. It gives him calm through a deep exhalation. His battle is not so "backstage" and now we are part conscious, no matter how vibrating, of taking it with us, for once.


From now on she can be queen without anyone thinking this is easy for her. We put our heads down with a thank you, a sorry and a "here I am" for you.

At what point in your lives was effort for others normalized?

See your worth without working for recognition?

Do you stop in any of the way to thank you for what you're capable of internally?

Do you add value to your resilience? Do you conceive it?


You are a goddess and you are magnificent because you are the fruit of her food and the sun that allows us to transform. The moon our shelter. Now she's in hers and we can protect her.

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