Soon… New Women's Energy Care Manual

Our primary care includes the concept of "hygiene": showering, washing your hands carefully, protecting us from "germs" as much as you can etc… Even this way of caring for us is questioned by those who believe that the protection of the immune system needs greater exposure to the variety of natural "threats" to strengthen it. I strengthen those who associate self-care both from the protection and from the strengthening of our base.

With regard to hygiene or energy self-care we do not receive a consistent and monitored ageing for it as it is not something tangible. We do not know that we require special attention in terms of our aura, our mental and emotional hygiene as much as the relationship between the body and energy. In this manual I will provide you with valuable information about ethereal care, which is little disclosed, so that, in a holistic and full way, you understand what it really means to take care of yourself from the "everything". …..

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