Simple words of love.

Dear all, I just have a few words from my heart to yours / from my channeling to you. 


“In the spirit of ascension there is no more “looking outwards” “there is only looking within”.  

When you chose elevation you chose the heart 

The heart being chosen in these moments can be felt within a “wound” space, but our capacity of holding it with love and observing the truths that emerge, could suppose a true re-connection to life. A true renewed relationship with the self. Shortening the distance between what we wanted to “be like” and who we really are currently. Simultaneoulsy allowing for who we are to continue reshaping and re-emerging. The safest position currently is that of a loving compasssionate witness. A witness to the self whilst interacting with the all. 

Chose the heart daily. Let it be your origin and destination in these trying wound days. The empowerment of choosing can be as simple as breathing within. Choosing can mean simply placing the hands above the heart space and thanking yourself. You can consciously rest with the heart, cocooning yourself and cocooning the heart. Currently feeling is a true token of authenticity and one that is enabled by purposefully choosing to be with the heart. When one breathes one can use each inhalation to bring awareness to the moment and then each exhalation to chose to rest into the heart. With the simple affirmation it can be enough “I chose me, I chose the heart , I chose life” .

Chose the heart daily and the truth within will emerge . this is made an consious outpour when we are in a consious space of purposeful choice.

I am being invited to speak directly from the heart with no thought to assist. In other words directly from the truth-source within. We are all one in this same truth source. When each individual consciously chooses this space and lives what that means for each one of you, we are subconsciously choosing the “I am “, the “oneness”.

Conflict has been absolutely dissolved around me when I just tap into the “feeling” and communicate from this space. If it is welcomed great and if not I can observe what is ocurring as a witness and feel how my heart is protected and held in the space of observation by me. 

Being my own friend has never been more essential. 

I am loved. You are loved. I am one. I am . 

 I will send out a meditation of conscious heart choice as well as faith with the promised faith post. 

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