Soulful Transpersonal Experiences

One´s mission is not usually a “soul-less” exploration. I use a coaching fused approach and the full range of my channeled and soulful gifts.

The following unique services are examples of this deeper edge intensive experience:

Personalized Numerological explorations & Energetical analysis (Unique soul pack)

Personalized Numerological explorations & Energetical analysis ( Unique soul pack) are applied when one wishes to understand their purpose in life including, karma, dharma, past life experiences and current life mission. One can understand their commitment to themselves and life with the highest of vibrations, toward their “upward and inward journey” as key to the KIT. You recover your power in understanding what requires work as well as gratitude . Its a truly transpersonal treat which is why this is truly a special component of Karima Therapy.
Personalized Meditative practices are given to help with the connection to your soul’s numbers that form part of your day to day. Your are given a daily practice gleeing more awareness into that coveted essence of yours.
One will resonate deeply when creating their own numerological map as-well as learning where we inherit said numbers ( a family analysis forms part of this) . These are also a part of what build our relationships in the present helping us comprehend what can act as a hindrance or reinforcement to our interaction with others.

The healing looks at this first but then with the KIT magic , as all stems from something deeper, we need to heal the “roots” that bring about these ordeals. You may feel a reluctance to receive “therapy” with all the connotations of analysis and distress it can create. With the KIT you will feel nourished and “seen” from the very beginning, blowing up all negative pre-conceptions. Clients leave stating they feel true relief at starting this journey and then feel a strong love for what it means to connect with themselves.

In essence, “rooting” you in a healthy way means that from day 1 we look to feed and nourish yourself from what will what will allow you to heal, grow and then blossom. The latter is not possible if you are rooted in  toxic, negative or trauma inducing elements ( within or externally). The “love” in my work goes toward you finding yourself important enough to nourish and take care of in this way. If you are rooted in the ways that counts, the pain or distress that brings you to me in the first place will truly be eradicated.  The “base” with which you can explore upward and inward strengthened and solidified. You will feel like “you have you” – “You are there for you”.

Personalized astral charts and psycho-astral profiling

Personalized astral charts and psycho-astral profiling: upon petition. They would be the backbone to our explorations into your astral influences upon your psyche, motivations, emotions and the journey of life.
Initially you will receive a coveted report that takes weeks for myself to create where one can always peruse as it is not time constrained and it gains relevance with more meta-awareness (with more personal exploration).

You will leave with a documented in-depth out of the norm description of beautiful phenomena linked to your identity, life and mission as well as a session dedicated to the ways you can utilise this information.
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The stem acts a bridge as without psycho-education we cant go from healing to blooming : without the changes to our mind we cannot reach a true experience of ourselves. Learning without a sense of love and compassion fro oneself wouldn’t give the powerful results Karima therapy delivers. We become active learners in our skin regarding our own life to humbly direct ourselves to one that we chose and an identity we feel proud of so as to safely access the treasured parts of us waiting in the next phase.

Family constellations and Genograms

Explore the unconscious family links to gain conscious freedom!

Applied to explore the unconscious family links to gain conscious freedom!

This is one of the areas where most transformation truly occurs; understanding the family system from every angle, every role, perspective… This can be done via Karima therapy individually, as a couple or even as a group. Normally a constellation is not easy or possible individually yet I Channel the Energy of all ancestors and the tabus and blocks course through me pertaining to what you need to heal. A constellation is done once and then after at least three weeks we don’t need to review what has been changed from within. The release and the understanding create subtle and explicit ripples of change along this “quarantine”. The KIT Magic is truly evidenced as the Messages pass right through me to you.

Most leave having a healthier understanding of their role in the family, accompanied by the right strategies to move forward based upon their soul´s true urge.

A family genogram is provided which a specialised family tree due to the content including transformative psycho-energetical information. A look at your ancestors , your origins, your place in a way that revolutionises your understanding of your sense of self, especially in light of your own behaviours in life; as a daughter, son, sibling, partner and even a parent.

Karmic pacts

Upon my travels to South America, Chile stuck with me as I was able to learn from one of the best clinical specialists I have ever met. He intertwined psycho-magic with clinical cognitive work. In other words he was able to honor the energetically whilst also addressing ones own beliefs and emotional burdens. This led to my experiencing a wonderful release of specific blocks that no other trip of therapy assisted me with. Some blocks come from ancestral, unconscious, or even past life origins. Addressing the “pact” we have made to block ourselves in certain areas can be liberated

Usually these could be found within a Family constellation or could have been identified a part of your astral and numerological findings as well as a part of the struggles you repeatedly manifest no matter your personal development.
Lets respect and understand these pacts to better design a freeing Way to move forward. Awareness can bring healing to  underlying  family, economical, interpersonal or even Health imbalances.

Get in touch with Karima life guide and start ascending.