Individual psychotherapy sessions for children and teenagers

This is a one-to-one access to the struggle your child and or teen is experiencing. My speciality in Emotional intelligence and teaching values as well as clinical interventions so I can apply an array of varied strategies where I connect with your son or daughter . They “work” without even feeling it as such.

Most parents and in some cases teens ask for the following guidance:

  • Educational issues: school refusal, motivation issues, behavioral difficulty monitoring and understanding and the relationship with authority figures. Especially older students making difficult decisions regarding their future
  • Socio-emotional issues: bullying, friendship aid, emotional difficulties to more profound concerns such as depression, anxiety or self-esteem concerns.The latter is my focus as of late due to an increasing demand for emotional work for kids as well as perceived pressures and a lack of self understanding.
  • Family support: Whether it be in terms of restoring the relationship, discipline or merely understanding their own child or teenager with what occurs on a psycho socio-emotional level.My post grad work allowed me to concentrate on systemic family training so as not make everything “child centred” You all receive guidance and support.

For children there is an omnipresent sense of play and art therapy-based techniques employed.

I do my analysis especially of subconscious tendencies whereas the Child feels safe and trusting to simply express. When verbal expression is a hurdle we chose the creative outlet.

For teens in workshop settings its about being excited to broaden their mental, emotional and deeper horizons, challenging their minds and exploring themselves in less toxic or ego led ways. Whereas in individual work as they are identifying with their own ego they genuinely feel tended to even when it’s a difficult topic to broach.

Their journey has healing and safety at the heart of it. Its one of my most beloved sessions and it is transmitted clearly.

Learning : The following link gives examples of Emotional Intelligence courses curriculums both carried out as a PSHE program in schools as well as private workshop formats in holistic educational centers. 


Female psycho therapy and soulful explorations

Female therapy & Soul work

One- to one work covers all that you consider difficult and oppressive and I go into the full KIT experience to witness you leave with much more than your bargained to heal, learn and connect to.
Healing, Learning an d Soaring are truly fused into what I consider, one of my personal passion projects, looking into YOU, dear woman! You are extraordinary, creators and ever- evolving. When given the appropriate understanding of your female psyche, potential and emotional power it is truly a blessing to be a guide and witness in what can only be described as you “returning” to you. A woman as a creator NEEDS, ( yes in capitals!) to be connected to her truth and her core.
Empowering sessions of self awareness inward ( towards the real you and its expression) and upward allowing for the power you tap into to allow you to address all area of your life.

Female alchemy course and workshops

Look into the following link and check out past and upcoming workshops to feel a little of what we immerse ourselves in together.


A special preparation for Expecting Mothers

Expecting mothers wanting to heal all that came before to better provide a “clean psycho-energetic” slate for the child is truly a wondrous gift. Learning about their mothering style and the Childs unconscious wants & needs from the start is pretty extra-ordinary. Mothers looking at connecting from the womb and empowering themselves upon delivery and the early stages of development tend to feel the most satisfied with this guidance. What a woman learns here truly takes her to the next level
I prioritize a Woman through pregnancy as its a privilaged moment of timelessness. The hormonal ocurrences allow you to Connect with that which needed attention throughout adolescence and your incorporating the concept of “mother” into your current sense of being a woman! Your inner Child Will be surfacing as you Connect with your Child as you will unconsciously pull upon what you received as a Child and what you Wish to deliver as a mother.
I can employ much of the Soul and much of the compassionate observations of Learning to View yourself with all the creative and potential power at your service.
My Wish is for you to see yourself within the potential of the WHOLE you in a Way that is Beyond any other physical-spiritual experience as its a part of your nature! Isnt that amazing!!
A mother is more isolated in occidental Society as the clan or Community mentality isn´t intilled yet so all the understanding you can give yourself will honour you above and Beyond what is usually accesible to you in society. You Owe it to you in this special time.

Couple journeys

“Alone we can go fast, together we can go far.”

Couple guidance

Helping a couple come to terms with conflict, decisions for the family, difficulty in bonding, trauma or simply finding a way to understand one another are the particular issues are the initial reasons I am called to help in. I employ an individual-couple-individual route. There is no couple bond that is real without a look at our individual mind, emotional and will to be present with ourselves and the relationship needs. A deep loving and transformative approach is employed allowing for individual and couple ascension. Starting with you we can move toward the “us” and ascend in unison.
We start with a look at what there is to “heal” and then we place awareness on what we feel ready to expand and transform. One has a potential , yes, so does the union with another. If a relationship is lived with awareness you can know yourself in ways that would have been inaccessible to you otherwise.

Couple Workshops are provided where we look at the US!

Upcoming information will be updated soon about these magical restorative experiences for the couple

Pending date and venue confirmation.

Family guidance

Family trauma, loss, abuse, conflict resolution in a few deep sessions. The method applied goes to the core.
Parents looking to receive family guidance so as to best support each-other and their children. Its not always about healing something that has already broken , some are wise to look for tools and guidance to best take advantage of the privilege of being a family unit. From caring to understand their children to developing healthy and happy personalized family routines and or explorations.

Deep healing occurs when we are aware. When we see truth, we can then have more compassion towards our origins and ourselves as causality is uncovered. Nothing just happens to us and we deserved to be freed if we are just following patterns that don’t bode with the manifestation of our highest potential.

Whether its as a single mother or father, a structured family unit, a blended family unit, adoption contexts or even just an “expecting” mother or parental unit…. Lets dive in!
When we are willing to learn and grow within our circumstances with regard to our closest interpersonal relationships we truly evolve!

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A free brief consultation can outline the journey that would be best suited for your needs. I require a connection to better feel what would provide you best results

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Mother & Child

Understand your baby or Childs deep needs and emotions through you and through their non verbal language and psychosomatic symptoms. Help to read your baby and build a healthy base for both of you as a unit. Healing and nurturing the overwhelming development of the mother. Releasing guilt, fear or worry as a mother and discover your true essence, your true power and capacities.

Nurturing the mother – child bond. I have received consultation from mothers with primary aged kids to mothers and late teens wanting to look at how their relationship could be explored and honoured differently according to developing needs.

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