How Karima Therapy works

Some of you directly contact me knowing you want for “more”: more meaning, sense of fulfilment, purpose etc…

This would take you straight to the soul of the Kit and to accessing your essence from the start.

Yet not all of us commence with this much awareness of the “disconnect”.

Most of you arrive with a “problem” related to a disconnect including emotional issues, conflicts, personal struggles that are symptoms to a heart and soul need.

Karima Therapy flower words

Respecting you requires

  1. Healing and
  2. Placing awareness ( love and learn step) to that which may act as an impediment to us reaching
  3. The final liberation- Where you feel you soar inward and upward. One can only ascend when the barriers have been lifted and the mind has expanded to allow for the ascension.

The healing leads to the stem- bridging you to a fulfilled you ( the flower- soul- the sense of “whole”) We apply a dosage of reflective and emotionally revealing interactions empowering you to both heal and apply constructive and fulfilling solutions or comprehension to yourself and life and then I witness transformation and growth as a steady guide and loving witness.

This is where the magic lies and where you start to see yourself in a whole different light.


The healing aspect is at the “root” of our journey both literally and metaphorically speaking. You can find yourself worrying, in pain, lost, anxious or even feeling helpless.

Or it could be a specific difficulty that affects you as a member of your family, work, social life, couple or sense of self. Regardless something that you are aware of – an alarm “goes off” and you tell yourself its time to receive some guidance, support or even intervention. You have taken responsibility for you just be exploring!

The healing looks at this first but then with the KIT magic , as all stems from something deeper, we need to heal the “roots” that bring about these ordeals.

You may feel a reluctance to receive “therapy” with all the connotations of analysis and distress it can create.

With the KIT you will feel nourished and “seen” from the very beginning, blowing up all negative pre-conceptions. Clients leave stating they feel true relief at starting this journey and then feel a strong love for what it means to connect with themselves.

In essence, “rooting” you in a healthy way means that from day 1 we look to feed and nourish yourself from what will what will allow you to heal, grow and then blossom.

The latter is not possible if you are rooted in  toxic, negative or trauma inducing elements ( within or externally). The “love” in my work goes toward you finding yourself important enough to nourish and take care of in this way.

If you are rooted in the ways that counts, the pain or distress that brings you to me in the first place will truly be eradicated.  The “base” with which you can explore upward and inward strengthened and solidified. You will feel like “you have you” – “You are there for you”.


The magic lies in being aware of your growth upward.  Where you start to see yourself in a whole different light. Reflective and emotionally revealing interactions allow you to ascend toward the true you.

The kind of awareness that liberates you from what was ( having to be healed) to what wants to be nourished and freed.

Applying constructive and fulfilling solutions or comprehension to yourself and life on a day to day is fundamental to this growth. Services orientated toward individual and group reflection are especially painted with a “learning” focus.

If a mind can become flexible then our lives can change. The latter isn’t possible without the former.

The educational side involves the emotions, the beliefs and the behaviours one holds close to their identity. These are challenged so that you begin to engage actively with your life.

The stem acts a bridge as without psycho-education we cant go from healing to blooming : without the changes to our mind we cannot reach a true experience of ourselves.

Learning without a sense of love and compassion from oneself wouldn’t give the powerful results Karima therapy delivers.

We become active learners in our skin regarding our own life to humbly direct ourselves to one that we chose and an identity we feel proud of so as to safely access the treasured parts of us waiting in the next phase.

Paiting of woman in moon by Karima

The Soul

We bloom and after healing the roots and evolving with awareness we can soar upward and into the soul.

The transpersonal, that which implores us to literally go beyond the personal, the conscious mind, that which we are aware of, is always an undercurrent as I can see beyond .

With a sturdy base of self care, self love and self understanding, you have take responsibility to grow upward through the learning stage ( literally learning to grow) to finally access the “true you” : No barriers holding you back.

Get in touch with Karima life guide and start ascending.

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