Sacred 4-4-4 The Way of the Heart. The path of quarantine from compassion.

Hello friends!

Welcome to my first integrative numerology post! My first gift or seed from my soul to yours. I invite you to reflect consciously and lovingly. 

I write to you with all my affection on this day so symbolic of the path of unconditional love. For those who have accompanied me in the numerology workshops will know that both four cannot feel without heart consciousness – without the beating of your intuitive instinct as pervasive today and by then it is a karmic call at this moment.

4 In our souls he asks us to receive us from love (leaving after the moment of punishment, demand, judgment…) all that leads us away from receiving us in a symbolic, intuitive, loving space. We've been watching each other from acceptance. We watched each other watch a child in learning. I take this into account by the 3 (4+4+4 x 12 / 1 +2 )) mission of the day that tells us of being at the service of the day and of ourselves from compassion and joy (laughing even and even more even when it is difficult for us to do so). The 3 asks us for balance as much as the 4. The 3 from the emotional balance and the 4 from the mental dimension. From there I following observation. 

Where he would ask us for neutrality with more emphasis is on the karmic position of the month. It asks us to observe how I respond and manage my reactions to or what happens. As I treat and treat others, on every plane, even mentally, concerning my vital prism. Meditation… Breathe… remain neutral to what we observe… and if we can put love on it (chapó)…

Finally, we'll still have the 4 in destination by 2020. From mastery (22) we receive our sense of the world and from ourselves. If we would observe each other without attachment to the results and others in the same way. If we would not observe with tolerance and acceptance, we would integrate sacred 11 with the neutrality of 4.

I recommend taking a moment to pick you up from the heart. Put your hands on your high heart and watch you. 

How do you still be trying today?

Since what space have you been relating to each other? There is love or judgment in what you issue and vice versa…

Is the other a mirror of a critical space that takes you away from your heart when you identify yourself? Or is it a mirror of love and energy cultivation? 

Since 4+4+4 I add my personal observation: the maximum balance – the expression of 8 helping the 3. The balance of emotions and giving and receiving, conversing with how we give and receive ourselves in the language of love (4) with a timeless influence (22 and 8) creating from now and in the whole. The 8 telling us about the big-scale balance. What we do today as every day is a seed conscious of the intention at the macro level. 

What information are we offering the matrix? Gaya? 

Invite compassion today. You will feel it when you are accompanied and do not laugh, when you feel friendship towards what you show and what the other shows today, when you observe without seeking to change only from love for what it is and not what "should" be. A high frequency of love is within our reach. Let us take advantage of the intentionality of the present moment. What a gift to receive you! Just the way you are!  

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