Preparation full moon!!

Hello!! Happy pre-moon.

Mini act of pre-moon consciousness for you – with love

I usually pay attention to the moon from the day, its astral and energetic intention but today I felt I needed to honor the pre-action. Many times I feel that we need a foundation on which to support ourselves for our processes of consciousness. Every development process needs roots. These extend to the high heart and the others to Mother Gaia.

The high heart lays the foundations of our soul truth and those that keep us here and now strengthen us to express our will of soul. There is a 6-6 demonstration. 6 in the soul and 6 in the mission of the day. Wow!

In other words, even if it is especially difficult for us to look inward, introspection with reflection and disciplined intention and meditation is important to do so as it is an essential day for seeing things as they are. In other words open the third eye and allow yourself to project from a high vibration of consciousness. Or at least ask the moon to rush us what may hinder this exercise.

For the moon of 7 so we will be ready to take responsibility for the process of purification and expansion of the Aurico body. It will be a platform of the psyche (today) benefiting the platform of La Corona (tomorrow). Thus we propel the intention of AUTHENTIC RE-CONNECTION (the theme of the crown virus as that which emphasizes the connection to the divine and the unconscious)

Today and tomorrow we are concentrated with the energy needed to be for being. the energy of these moments emphasized and concentrated with a lunar phase that purges what we have left to become felt in our authenticity.

Can we be there for ourselves paying attention to sensations and emotions without judgment?

Can we afford a moment of authentic connection regardless of the result? Or are we going to be addicted to disconnection?

Do I allow myself to eradicate distortions of the truth because I myself do not need them since I prioritize connecting with it?

What sensations, images, experiences happen when I simply breathe from the third eye?

Have a moment of intent. Even if it's minimal. A moment of connection with your 6th chakra and high heart. Invoking the high heart What is the real yearning of the soul? How can I be at the service of it as intent and projection?

Cleanse and purify the space also since in this moment of privilege in terms of manifestation the vibrations are very easy to disarmonize with both 6 and 7. Meditation, compassion, good food…. Love!!!! and when it is uncomfortable and you want to turn your back on the task of consciousness giving you a lot of love. You need it. It's not about forcing you from guilt it's about loving you until you're born to challenge yourself towards being available for what matters here and now!


I'll light a candle by transmitting love to you!!!

It's just about trying. It's just about putting an intention to connect to whatever you did!!!!

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