Hello beautiful people. After some time truly upgrading my relation to cosmic oneness I am here to offer something that really is a spiritual game-changer for me. Things that I felt inconceivable are happening and my heart is in so much joy. Its time for certain truths to be revealed and for your full power to be re-instated. Women are wowing me at this moment so we are more than ready to delve much more into the true sense of “magic”. 


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The feminine is currently being restored to its former glory. To its former sense of self and connect. It is no longer a time where women approach me normalizing a disconnect. If anything they come more hungry, nervous, and moved than ever. Their soul with more hunger. Their innards are more communicative than ever. No longer are the women of today requiring regressions but in fact, they are tapping into their past life memories through the collective, through their gut and their own power. This is a great part of what I help bloom into full fruition: The Full Connect. The full union to the self. 

We are now tapping into a truth that is galactic and cosmic in its importance that needs to be named so we understand how our own perspective and life pact on this 3D is a face of this feminine. 

Now in Gaya´s awakening truth is surfacing in no way mindful to inconvenience yet only mindful of its true self and nature and I am motoring a full commitment to what this means for each and every woman as a psychologist, shaman, star seed and fellow woman. It is time to pronounce ourselves “whole” and to journey through our souls’ gifts and needs as a new “normal” . Gaya is in her equinox, awakening from the normalized darkness like a teen who has just entered puberty and wishes to conjure the energy to grow at all cost with all her body, spirit, and heart. The female energy has never been more key in this awakening and Gaya is speaking through all of us, no matter the vibration and awareness so let us BE AWARE OF WHAT THIS MEANS FOR US. 

Your anger is no longer your own.

Your anxiety is no longer your own. 

YOU are not a problem but a response to something so much more intricate yet to be comprehended

YOU deserve to understand yourself from the depth of your unconscious. 

Join me in expressing your potential in this introductory workshop where I explain the link you are all currently holding with Gaya as well as the magic behind the current emotions as truth gems to be expressed from within. Even the most seemingly mundane part of how you go about your routine has significance. In you lies the change and in you lies the truth. You are the purpose and mission embodied. Let’s unpack this from a high-frequency perspective! Let’s do this! TOGETHER. 

Get your places now for our virtual meet this 17th of October at 12 am!! 

A brief one to one connection with you is offered by Karima Therapy protocol prior to our sacred moment so as to procure receptivity and personalization of content, completely free of charge. 

For more information please contact me here

Lots of love always!! 

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  • Amélie Oct 21, 2020 @ 22:30

    You continue to impress me, lovely 🙂 Your soul is beyond wise and I am so blessed that the universe conspired for us to meet 🙂 Much love, always

  • Amélie Oct 21, 2020 @ 22:31

    Blessings 💜

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