New Alchemy Workshop



“Venus and Gaia- how these conscious soul mates affect our personal evolution”


Venus is a glorious beacon of hope for Gaia. As we are all a part of her womb and the fragment of her consciousness within each of us , it is essential for us to view our own relation with Venus in these moments of transcendence. In these moments of rotund life/death alchemy the potential is extraordinary. I wish to offer a moment of deep contact between your sense of self and Venus from a deeply ethereal perspective. Gaia , like many of us awakening , are consciously and unconsciously yearning to become are “brightest” awakened selves. She is wishing to transcend her densities and is now catapulting forth with Venus´s help. As part of her matrix and part of her sense of self our own pivotal transcendence of densities will be the before and after for her and our collective Id. The more we comprehend psycho- spiritually our own link to her and our link to what will help us in our inevitable journey of transcendence the more ease and sense of reward will accompany the process.We have a right to connect to Gaia´s wisdom and have a guidance within our own journey. Higher priestesses and priests know how to be the “in between” of celestial truths delivered unto Gaia for her ascension process as well as the reverse journey of allowing densities to elevate and be transformed by celestial information. This particular facet of alchemy is what I wish to tap into in relation to a psychological- soul- astral perspective.

 A wholistic karimatherapy moment of inner activation. 

Let’s allow for truths to be birthed amongst us and seeded in preparation for what is coming. 

I invite you to this special workshop that will be personalized as well as “community” focused. I will pay attention to the ways Your venus aids the You as well as the all. The workshop will have a “channeled” psycho-spiritual energy rather than a focus on tecnical astral information so there is no need to have prior awareness of astral information.

Contact me for here further information as I will connect with all of you astrally prior to our workshop.

In many ways Venus is a “twin soul” for Gaia and I wish to harness balance, self love and ethereal self comprehension in those places within the “you” as a portal for this relationship. 

I will offer a series of differing astral moments according to peak times and for now this is our first as it will give a loving shade of light to our current astral climate. 

Suggested date : 29th of August ( open to flexibility according to group dynamics and astral info of group) 

With all my love always

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