Mirror Days – Magic Days – Days of the Inner Master!

Today I am writing to you since we have gone through a few days with a special feature for those who want to give attention to its evolution. Since May 6, the day of intention before the powerful full moon, we have entered a cycle of mirror numbers, which ends today.

On May 6 he gave 6 in the soul and 6 in the mission of life. For me when the soul is in sync with the mission, apart from the fact that all numerical repetition is important, it is especially the case in this numerological “couple” since it adds a point of power and compassion simultaneously to our passage through life.

I translate the definition of the soul as the gaze towards the self and the blockages that prevent taking responsibility for it, which on the other hand could be translated, to the responsibility that could be taken on oneself to reach internal fulfillment. Any action towards reconciliation with that responsibility will be reinforced by the energy and demands of the day. It can be experienced in a very difficult way because both the responsibility of the day and the being are the same but what if we saw it from the point of privilege it presents?

For example, 6/6 was a day that invoked the power of intention. He tested us from within and without to look at the power of introspection, intention, the power of thoughts regarding the energy we cultivated in the mind and the strength of our own commitment to seeing reality as it is. (without distortions, manipulations …). The 6/6 also reminded me of the power of manifestation in one of its most explicit points although it involved more work. Having to look at it from work would mean that we could mistakenly define it as “the block” but it was an opportunity given for the moment to give special emphasis to self-directed effort. The magician really cultivating a relationship with his third eye and his reality even if it cost him to do so.

EVERY EFFORT IS SIGNIFICANT. Just for trying, a step in the direction of the reconilicaicon or expression of the 6 in a day where it is mirrored is a gigantic step. As I will repeat several times, from a compassionate point of view very similar to the Sufis who guided me as a child, only the attempt to use the will to approach the light and this is NEVER a little thing. Only trying is supposed to face the ego. Just by trying, we are telling the densities that we are always present with the will to move forward. “Getting it” in terms of “result” is not the goal. This is the attempt to… and this was even more important on 6/6.

7/7 involved granting the attempt to rise above real or perceived conflict within oneself and in the day. The strength and quality of relationship with the energy body itself and the attempt to be at a high frequency even with everything that could have submitted to us the day (oneself or via external projections) is a worthy attempt. The attempt to be present from a high frequency even when we could lose strength with the fragile thread that could have sustained us on a day like the one that hit a full moon.

The 8/8 arrived with the will of a closure, of a karmic recognition. The healer pierced by justice? The attempt to balance or the mere attempt to nurture with energy to be more present without being absent too much (neither up nor down) … The mere act of recognizing that it is difficult to achieve internal balance can be a step in itself. Without resignation, only awareness of the difficulty to be reconciled.

Yesterday 9/9 really was a powerful antecedent to today 10/10. Today looking like the day that shows commitment and integrity. Availability for service to oneself and to others. “Today” asks us to face the fears that inhibit us from honestly linking ourselves with the commitment to life that we have proposed to ourselves internally or externally. There would be other individual factors that would relate to these 10 that would make it clearer (This type of content requires individual exploration) but roughly it is about being AUTHENTIC. 9/9 emphasized the role of the teacher vs. one who is immersed in lack of clarity or rigidity. Communication to yourself and to others from a high frequency yesterday could greatly help today. And if these subtleties of 9 could not occur, nothing happens, since every day is a new opportunity. The teacher 9 was asked yesterday many moments of careful listening, focus on one objective and have faith that one is a channel / portal.

The 10 allows one to take responsibility for today as it stands. The 10 asks to lead what you consider important without being too extreme. The 10 asks for availability to what is asked around seeking to be energetically full and willing to be. It is not about giving more. The 8 helps us understand this.

Do we understand the values ​​of integrity, commitment and authentic

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