Love letter to the female

Dear female,

I thank you for being. Thank you for the will to love me in all conditions. Now we enter a time where your energy is the one that prevails and your language (the subconscious) and your context (night) encompasses us as whole being “humanity as one” in our “stay at home perspective”. I thank Vesta who cares for the fire of the home by caring for the  flames of love and family union that connects us all within the hearth of the self ( the true home) . I appreciate the timelessness of your rhythms. I appreciate the flow of your emotions and the omnipresent message  that my being is love in all shapes and forms.

This love is not about sacrificing or repressing. It does not require me to change or silence my power… I express myself in my feminine and so we can all be henceforth allowing me to accept all as is. A beautiful perspective on the master self.  The yang had a hard time seeing its reflection at all but with these moments being what they are, the yang, has no choice but to look inward and lean on its femenine wisdom. Outwards no more – Action is now pointed inward and the female is there embracing and treasuring it in its vulnerability and integrity for being exactly what is. Sedna and her bones turning to her goddess form with the tears of the masculine truly helps us understand this. Sedna  being caught by the unconscious fisher man who when he finds her sacred bones rejects her over and over in multiple ways from varied places of fear and defense. When he finally sees that it is he who caught her in the first place ( his responsibility) and it is his his rejection of the self and the truth that doesn’t allow himself to be present for what is ( the consequence of fear) that he allows himself to slowly release his negative projection. when he completely gives in to the truth and the moment with no masks or mirrored shadow his tears ( his token of subconscious truth and heart felt emotion) nourish Sedna into “life” for them to LIVE together. This can be explored further but I just wanted to give a spoon full of her message. It is a time to lean on our femenine. This reminder is what I am profoundly grateful for.

The female cares for and honors her wounds right now in me. and teaches me to love where I had conditioned before. He doesn’t seek to love since merit or achievement. She seeks to nourish with light and love the spaces that knew emptiness and abandonment all too well. My internal rhythms now find themselves being met with harmony by not struggling against with external rhythms and suddenly I notice that I do not get sick when there is no demand. I don’t get sick when I stop fighting the current of my true rhythm . Dear feminine you already have your throne and your moment. I don’t turn my back on you to survive and move forward as the super imposed drum of expected life would have had me do . I have nowhere else to go without you. ¿Without being where I’m going?

My watch stops talking to me about minutes and now my female talks to me about love units as units of time. Quality instead of results just for result. I am reminded that beauty isn’t in the result but in how I relate to what surrounds me. I am no longer missing the color and scent to what is truly in and around me. When I lie down it is no longer from the extreme tiredness of a hard day but from the will to rest within myself. When I move it’s because I’m looking to dance or create. When I relate to my partner, I seek to give love not to pass the time. Everything has intentionality from the space of being. The subtle already has value and volume. Today my partner would say to me “I value feeling loved.” In other words, “I value feeling the feminine.” At this moment when I write to you he walks in the door and I tell him what I have written and replies “Love brought me home” with laughter… but wow…. the certainty that comes with that statement. The fire lights his path and the authenticity of what is helps him feel this is really home- where he too can love who he is.

We can be home or we can go homes . The home that embraces us and always awaits us. To the authenticity of what there is and remains to be formed. And I can watch myself with the compassionate, honest eyes of the female. That which is to be will come to fruition in due time and that which is will be contemplated with eyes that only hold love and therefore can only catalyst transformation.

I love my feminine “spring” who seeks and has round eyes with joy and bloom. In the past I really clung to her but she has her moment. The winter of the female who accompanies me as I write to you is now bringing in the “mother” space of time within and takes refuge within me from the wisdom (the canalizations, medium, “witch”) of the femenine. When I allow and I love her and I do not seek or demand she seeks only to close her eyes and see…

The female sees — with all her faces — and from all her expressions there is that to be honored. There’s so much unknown in ying that it gives us a sacred opportunity: It allows us to love all of her even when we don’t understand her. In other words, it invites us to love each part unconditionally just because it is. In my heart I feel I respect her when I establish that Ying is not to be understood mentally. It’s one of the mysteries of the universe encapsulated in a being. When you water it with permission to be, love for all that it is and you really flow….. Wow you give space for the universe to express itself within. When you give love you see it exactly what it is for what it is. It doesn’t have a good or an evil or a tag. It doesn’t have a name because it just is. The mystery is revealed to one when she has the will to contemplate it exactly for what it is. When the woman is observed in her reactions, even those judged and feared, the woman is honored. Then you have the opportunity to give loving attention to those parts, even and especially the bitter ones. For example, one can identify jealousy and observe one’s emotions and the constructs of insecurity and see that they all start from a lack of love for herself and the need to give themselves a safe place to take refuge and take a healthy context—within it.

How do you feel in your body — your earth?

How do you feel in your emotions- your waters?

Do you feel in your thoughts- you air? How do you talk to yourself?

I make sure to honor my feminine as the most sacred thing I have and with it I lend myself to her in an act of humility to understand her, without seeking it. We have not always been revered externally for the wisdom and alchemy that is possible for us. On the other hand, if I water gratitude and love for my feminine, as one and like all, I will enable a sacred reconciliation to be witnessed that nothing and no one can defeat. Love your feminine and you’ll see how you love the masculine in you and the other. Love the female for what she is, even what you don’t understand, and so you’ll experience how to love the other without demanding that it be more “comprehensible” . Love the female and you will simply have faith and you will be. Paradoxically The female is symbolic and is. She does not seek to be “resolved or changed” She seeks to be honest and accepted for all that she is.

Through you, I declare my love for the feminine. And the love for her will be different for each one.

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