Integrative Painting Mediumship

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From my heart to yours as the portal of all that is true. From my channel to your home.

This service provides a sacred reflection of who you are – encoded as it were but clear to you and your soul. The expressionist and at times oneiric style of the work is the form that most honors these codes.

Depending on the person, in the medium capacity, I am able to receive access to your archives, your guide’s information in that specific moment and there will be a kinship to the collective feminine vibrations as Gaya infuses all my work.

When I ask my guides how to describe the objective of the painting mediumship tool I was told the following:

Your soul on paper.
Your journey, your codes, your truth upon the canvas.

Providing deep insight into your future path so that hope can remain in your heart even through the deepest of struggles. You will be able to see how you learn, your process, your pacts, your future encoded in a way that can allow for a transpersonal ethereal perspective of your life.

Having one contact with your soul in this way can be your anchor to return to really see WHO you are and WHERE you are in the uncertainty of one’s development.

I act as a medium but then this painting will be your oracle and friend.

To those who are on a psycho-educational journey with myself, this sacred painting will accompany our sessions as a structure and a code to be respected throughout so we never lose sight of what is important.

You deserve to receive the full bounty of the intricacies of your subconscious and conscious journeying. For many, the guides informed me, that the spiritual gifts you are cultivating will be portrayed on paper and the resonance with being SEEN will be key for your feeling your unique self in this plane of existence.

Being recognized. Painting affords an open channel for your soul to be spoken to directly, with no filtering ideas nor limits from the mind. A direct connection afforded between your guides and a deep understanding conveyed to you over time as you gain perspectives that allow for you to decipher these codes.

The moment that you receive a painting is also a crucial and particularized part of this gift. The dimensional communication, the specific astral activity of the moment as well as Gaya ́s particular energetical moment will infuse your codes with the real sense of “whole” context.

So you will be receiving yourself within a sacred context that will be felt in the colors, the accompanying channeling ( in the form of song, poetry, narration ….), and the process that I as a medium go through when embodying your guides and the messages. When there are past life aspects, karmic aspects that come up I will experience them phenomenologically.

In other words, the painting could be for some experienced through me as a cosmic Constellation of the parts. The parts of you, the memories that wish to be released, inter-dimensionally …all returning to you in a symbolic format. The particularities, which as one can see will be hard to anticipate, as each of you is absolutely unique in expressing, will then be illustrated in my medium capacity to you in explicative feedback. This is a part of you receiving all the resources channeled for your particular experience.

An important note includes the relationship with the painting: It is as a “living being” as you are being mirrored back at you as an aspect of your wholeness.

So what the painting offers to evolve as you evolve, it is alive as you are and it transforms in what “it gives” as we explore. Therefore the realization of the painting will take time as it is done in moments of deep connection with yourself, moments where I receive particular inspiration, and moments that are selected by your guides according to what is necessary to transmit on paper.

As my closes guide conveyed to me: A story that was, that is, and will be…A sacred timeless account of your being.

The wonderful aspect to this is that in the ever-evolving nature of the painting there will be times that when one has healed, comprehended, or claimed certain parts ( memories, experiences, codes…) the painting might implore change and nuance and this is too part of the service. This is especially the case for those with who I have continued spiritual connection through sessions.

Structure – The painting mediumship service includes:

– The Painting process ( time, materials, and product): The painting will be mostly
water-color ( at times acrylic depending on the energy ) and then archived as a “map” of reference digitally for your perusal. The style is influenced by the information and the coding. The use of colour is purely vibrational so predominant. The composition is relational. The experience is that of a trance and deeply empathic.

– A personalized deconstruction of the process in a pre-recorded session will be the spine for the analysis to come. From a medium space. It requires pre-recording as it will be in pure channel and will require different moments of inspiration to guide me.

Accompanying channeled materials regarding dimensional, Gaya, and astral information pertaining to the timing of the channeling. As we are honoring the soul being displayed to you like a “birth” that you can now fully acknowledge, this may include poetry, song, narration….all for you to keep and feel at your leisure.

Unique developments that will pertain to the individual. Rituals, divination…
The result will be felt like a rebirth as we commune with your entirety from the soul’s perspective so the person is honoring their authentic journey away from the mind and allowing the soul to take center stage. The latter is felt like a relief – as a birthing into the recognition of who you are.

An additional note. We have referred to time with regard to context and influences yet there is also a point about the process to be conveyed. The “time” one process takes from another will vary according to the specificity.

So this will need to be discussed. Most of the time the timing will depend on moments of purposeful connection yet sometimes it will be spontaneous and I will be plunged into the process due to synchronicities. Some processes will need more time as there is more to wade through. I will feel and experience all the codes as a medium. For some, the healing starts right away so the painting will be greatly transformed from the initial stages so a step-by-step process might be described. Whereas other painting processes might require a need to honor a truth that the person will work through when receiving the painting and with feedback. These nuances will be discussed as they are important.

Regardless of my efforts due to the pandemic and due to the nature of this being from heart to heart the price is taken into consideration accordingly, as well as people who have a longstanding therapeutic relationship with me.

Fragments of the way codes are initially received for a painting:
Ranging from codings that vibrate in the energy they wish to be healed in, to “the potential” they want to strive for. This usually the initial part of the process -to receive codes that serve as a base for the work to be experienced. ( I am not able to show the product as it is a part of someone ́s soul and is highly confidential due to this.

Integrative Painting Mediumship Service


Lets learn together. Lets ascend together. Lets do magic.

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