Integrative numerology course! This may!!

Let’s do magic!!

Let’s learn about how to have conscious and daily communication with our soul.

Let’s tap into what our gifts could enable for us daily.

Let’s allow for our life purpose to feel like it is expressed.

We can take our awareness further and heal/unblock family and couple paradigms with this language of awareness!

With a look into this language of love and awareness into your true being, one can feel in connection to their true potential!

Psychoeducational in essence as you will feel empowered to create maps of awareness for others: your relationships and your loved ones!

You will even be able to depict the intention behind all your crucial moments of change and important beginnings or endings from a psycho-spiritual standpoint.

It is a Karima Therapy experience, it will include:

  • channeling
  • healing
  • and an uplifting sense of “magic”.

This is part of the “integrative”, the “whole”.

Lots of love !!!

Contact me and find out more- this includes brief free individual phone consultations if need be to ascertain our spiritual and emotional goals in the process!

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  • Neda Apr 27, 2020 @ 19:54

    Exciting! I’ve been looking for a course this encompassing for a long time. Looking forward to it!

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