Integrative numerology course! this may!!!

Some of you have asked for a little bit more information on this course and here it goes!!


Lots of love coming your way!!! 

Karimatherapy encapsulates the psyche and soul integratively. Every course is profound and alchemical soul work. We explore you in the purest and whole sense of the concept – YOU!  

In this specific psycho-educational journey we delve into the use of a specific skill that allows for you to take home and apply on a day to day basis a true communication with your soul consciously. Taking responsibility to comprehend your souls wishes, gifts and life mission priorities so your psychological development can be in synch with this. 

The peace and joy that derive from feeling this alligned and giving a technique that allows you to explore all the components of your life and self from this angel embodies true conscious freedom. Freedom to know the real you and freedom to take it to the highest potential of expression. We allow for our communication and awareness of raise in dignity. A quest to recognize our noble self – our true high frequency heart self is no small thing. It is the key of knowing the energetical realities of our spirit here in this body. 

Taking this to a relatable and dynamic space is the true gift in this course. Allowing you to feel a conscious return to what count: your true hearts will here on earth and how you can honour that. 

Seeing you true you is one of the most revolutionary acts of self love. 

So in my role as a soul guide and psychologist I wish to share this love journey with you all of true ascendance and recognition with numbers as our allies. Numbers being the codes of the vibration and truths within. Numbers being an access to a higher frequency language and perspective with which to understand these mysterious parts of us. My wish is for them to not be a mystery any longer. Hence the key of “integration” as a coming back to you with clarity and light. 

This highly demanded course is finally starting this 26th of May. DATE IS FLEXIBLE ACCORDING TO GROUP CONSENSUS!! we tend to become a close knit group and our availability is usually something we vote on – this is a suggested date for now!

Contact me for more information and sign up before our groups close. These groups will be intimate and carefully built so a free energetical conulstation prior to group assignation will be given.

It will be a 6 month journey ( one module per month) and we transform together! More information about course on or +744481217. Intimate groups of high frequency being put together – don’t miss your spot!! 

More information on my soul and work on

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