Hello beautiful people!

Thanks to the tools in my personal treasure KIT. I will be posting daily comments on the lessons and energetical flows of the day 😊 lets have an advantage on that which comes our way to test us!

In a month 6 we are looking at a mirror month: A month where we manifest that which we project. This includes that which we desire and that which we are afraid of. There are no limits to ones manifestations our mental clarity, the power of our intention and our “vision” will be protagonist to our months lessons. The more we exercise introspection, meditation, reflection…. going inward…the more we can benefit from the blessings of this month. Instead of distorting reality we could live in one where change occurs thanks to the power of our own intention.

The sixth chakra, the third eye, is predominant as something to work on- our vision , our capacity to see beyond the 3D plane. Go inward and give yourself a chance to manifest abilities pertaining to this vibration.

The six can also talk of choices, options even juggling these…its ok! go inward and see what resonates with you!

With the six understanding the other can be difficult as people will be projecting their lack of understanding with themselves. In our couples especially practice listening with the heart: Not supposing the worst, be compassionate with verbal slip-ups or misunderstandings. Try and feel your way to each other. Less mind, more heart!

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