Gaya rose

After a few days where I only asked the body to rest and my being to give love to the wounds that sprouted to the surface … both Gaia and I today plan to dress up in pink!

We already called outwards, creativity, appreciation of its beauty somehow. Cultivating a sense of beauty in our day celebrates and brightens it. As part of your Nervous System what we think, do, project, create, extend to it as its representation. He used to tell me a lot today about allowing life to flow through us. He asked me to celebrate his sense of life through the life I celebrate in me. Recognize our feeling of love and recognize ourselves especially in its colors.


It allows to cultivate a certain creativity connected to mother earth. Even if it's drawing thinking about it. Give pink to your day with gratitude to yourself and to her for being your witness, your crib and your channel

some maybe you connect with poetry or photography…. just celebrate it our way, connecting with the color in your life


With love always


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