Gaia and her moon

Hello beautiful!!


Today a dear female soul I am inspired to connect with Gaia through it. Today among cloudy, drops of water, sun among the gray seemed so beautiful, so communicative the essence of time that I highlight the message that resonated in my heart.

Quarantine connects us with the "unseen", "the unconscious brought to consciousness", "the night of the soul", "the winter of the cycle", "the look inward….. In other words, the epitomy of female energies in the heyday goes. When she menstruates and cares for the woman to give her a sacred space to her needs to converge with her magic without the exteriority calling her to "come out". Female energy communicating in its language; from the process, abandoning the need for the result, without apparent direction because when going inward we go towards the whole / to the origin. Being with the source from the femininity of the highest vibration where there is only truth and acceptance of it. Where the decision of how to interact with it from the highest vibration depends on the dignity we offer and how we honor its essence. Quarantine for me is like the moonwoman's costume, like Rhiannon on her heavenly white horse, from the bones of the most experienced shaman. To resume the "exit" can be from the integration of this wisdom to express something transformed to this plane. Resurgence will seek to "reborn" as the feminine essence that is linked to the perpetual rebirth (/life/death/life) within. Now we are allowing the layers that obfuscated our inner gaze to die and depending on the harmony of the process, accompanying ourselves in the germination of the new.


Honor your energies

Honor the female from which we start and to which we return

offer your respect and curiosity

and for those who want and can take inspiration from the clouds / the sky / the sun


A hug to all of you! With love!!

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