Gaia and integrative numerology! invitados todos de corazón

Good morning to all!! I greet you on this full moon with a lot of love!!

This moon already tells us about the balance between the air of Libra (mental availability and connection with the other) and the Fire Ariane (the purification of it to listen to oneself). You vs. me? From there we are enabled by the perfect context of energy balance and sacred bond for tomorrow. The two astral/numerological themes will accompany us. Karima Therapy’s “integrative” concept is already starting here!

With great love I will put myself at your service tomorrow to convey to you the essence of Integrative numerology so that it resonates with the current context (the year, the spiritual mission) customizing it to the extent that you can with the channels that you can receive for you.

I speak of “integrative” as a respectful method honoring the multiple perspectives of the “same” : The process inward and upward of ascension to the soul.

Although I will be predisposing ourselves to a formative course to which I will invite you tomorrow I seek to issue messages of Consciousness towards the self to feel a link with Gaya and the essence of your high heart since the feminine / subconscious is the prevailing language of these moments.

I will want to enable a feeling of empowerment by showing you these sacred bonds through numerology : How tool to unite our transcendence with our incarnation in 3D. The intention described will be felt, to a lesser and greater extent (subtle and explicit), while connecting with the gifts that you can access as an integrative part of the dharma possibilities of the year (represented at numerological level).

A simple numerous analysis at the tantric level will offer clues of connection with the will of your heart and a sense of faith towards yourself from the “macro”. These same tracks would apply to the individual in consecutive meetings. Being able to observe how the analysis is applied from the macro will allow a start to access your own numerology. Com is a map that honors the map of your being will be built as you connect with this language of self-knowledge. On the other hand, Pythagorean numerology will be observed when I tell you about gender or when I speak to you at the elementary level for example

I invite you to be present and receptive from the heart. I invite you to focus on yourself. Make some conscious breaths from the heart chakra and the third eye to receive from the I am authentic and the I am projected :)! Com Gaia will be ubiquitous to include it by putting it: a candle (for fire), a glass of water for its representative element, inviting a pot or some other element representing earth and a feather or the smoke of incense (or even conscious breathing) for the air, will involve integrating the elements into yourself when receiving ! She’s in meditative mode so she’ll just feel enriched!

Wanting to feel tomorrow!!

I’ll wait for you!!

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