Gaia and Love. Summoning the magic.

   This painting was something that allowed me to take pain and resentment and transform it into love for me and the moment. The reality I created with this was that of release- surrender- respect.

I include this to preface the tone of transformational truths and the power of creating realities. Magic is this and magic is what I address within myself, you and this moment. 


Dear beautiful beings, 


Nomally I write to you when completely centred and in flow with writing. Yet this time I am writing with a poignant and painful sense of vulnerability. I have just shed myself enough to acknowledge a truth that explains many of the traumas that have happened to me from a spiritual understanding. I am a star seed and this means that my difficulty is in embodying who I am. Fully committing to being me in this body , in this moment without hiding. Hiding has been part of my nature due to the fear of being “seen” and attacked for. This was happening unconsciously as almost an instinctive response of acquired self protection. This is how I know the vulnerability of a child. Comes naked and knows nothing but love. Then it might know what love is by the absence of it here in the 3d. 

So I guess today when I connected to Gaia she spoke to me in a personal intimate way. She explained she is a protection . Whilst we nurture her with love which for us on earth , all of us , means believing we have a soul and believing it is nourished by the love we feel. We are given so many mental reasons to access anything but love when we see the deplorable around us. But I know there is simply a state of “goodness” trying to root itself here and now. This is why the only faith we need to muster is in the goodness within. The rest will fall into place in due moments of goodness mirroring ( from the other to ourselves and vice versa). 

Do you believe you are goodness?

Do you believe you have so much love within to nurture and cultivate?

Magic within is in how you view your world. Do you inject what you see with gratitude and a sense of beauty? This is also a way of injecting love all around. Gaia then receives is through energy. Sees you seeing her. 

Magic is when you can place yourself before you ( like viewing yourself as a landscape of truths)  and see all the reasons you would negate/ harden/ be ashamed/ guilty that come so easily to us…. for certain “darkness” that it shows and muster the strength to love it anyway. “anyway” is the revolutionary miraculous word that compels a decision of unconditional love. like a parent who loves her or his child no matter the conducts. They sometimes go a step beyond and love their child rights where the child has many reasons to detest what they have seen in themselves. This type of parenting reminds me of ubundu. Its restorative from the deepest soul levels and its what I like to call magic in the 3d. The love that springs forth when one has so many reasons not to do so. This is healing in the deepest ways. 

I teach people how to do this in karimatherapy. Its actually what fosters true belief. Belief in something higher. yet from within. The transformative capacity one has to reconcile with who one is, exactly for it and see themselves in a way they never have to take a step forward into their potential. 

A simple act of magic or embodiment of love can be experienced in small significant ways. Its important to experience the fulfillment of intending and manifesting so for instance one could summon love by the ways we name parts of ourselves. Name magic was a white magic that existed from long ago according to human perspective. The wisdom in this derived from the respect on how we create realities. if we name something we give it an energy and it is up to us to know if we are condemning or nurturing a new reality. How do you name the parts that make you you? 

The hopi tribe understood the power of language and the reality it depicted. They for instance were never seized by a want to be effective with their communication beyond honoring the truth it displayed. “Rain” for some was “water pouring from the sky”. When they didnt condense they honoured this “pouring” and arguably had more availability for the purification, protection, beauty of this phenomenon. They honored nature for what it was and didn’t reduce it to “rain” in a way that could be taken for granted or reduced in the beauty and or spiritual purpose. They felt the purpose as they acknowledged its movement , its abundance, its origin and therefore enriched aspects of its truth. Apart from the wisdom in how we name I am essentially choosing to hone in on the wisdom in our choices. This seems like a simple choice but look at the implications for ones own mind. So with this in mind:

¿ How do you name the parts of you?

¿Are they terms of endearment or at least natural respect?

¿Is there acknowledged truth in it? 

Are you describing your deep you with love? Are you creating realities that are expansive and respect you this way? one can’t evolve if one is restricting ones perception of oneself eg if I am “crazy” I might condemn my hunches, intuitions, divine chaotic feminine wisdom to this limiting label and on top of this missing out a truth by labelling myself with a non truth. Are you crazy? Or is this just an easy way of compartmentalizing what isn’t easily understood? If another is to call you this do you appropriate it as your idea of you? 

A label is a sentencing act for some. A word has great power. It is an example of how one can use magic via words of love. This will transform – step by step- your sense of self and therefore transform your sense of reality. 


I love me. I love you. Let it be true. It is true. Magic is here. You are magic. As is all.


*****Important updates!!!! 

P.s An upcoming project will deeply investigate one’s “magic” and how to allow for it infuse our day to day with true alchemy. I will be keeping you posted!! This topic is also permeating the courses delivered: Especially the integrative numerology course this May! It will help personalize how you can individually connect to your “type” of magic and the legacy you can leave behind. 

Individual sessions explore this in a quantum fashion- giant leaps and true alchemy manifested.

Contact me and find out more! Lets be magic. 




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