Full moon. Full prospects

Hello sweethearts

I am writing to you today from the chaos. From the subconscious and its symbols trying to put words to the “indefinable” but I will still try it directly from the heart as this is the language for it!

With the full moon, death can permeate us today. Instead of feeling it as “death” we could flow with it and feel it as the preliminary step of absolute transmutation prior to birth. Everything is life. Death is evidence of transition but it is not the end of life. A woman intrinsically, at the soul level, knows this wisdom in her insides … in her deepest insides. Our alchemy depends on this wisdom. Knowing what to transform depends on the feeling of life and death. There is something very powerful in naming it as the “phenomenon of life that runs through me”/ “death also flows like life”. Right now we feel like we are dying in a spiral – in perspective. Those who are carried by the language of tarot could understand it as contemplating the hanged man- on a “pause” or on “standby” whilst he views a perspective completely differently. Whoever observed himself from the animal kingdom could name it as having hibernated in the depths of the caves and the earth and then allowing himself to fly from high places to see everything from the perspective of the “macro” from the heights of the air. From inside out. Already what was north can be south. The horizon may already be behind us as we march to the shores that seem to paradoxically offer us “depths”.

My guides, in other words, speak to me from the paradoxes of life. From the “unthinkable” becoming conceivable for the new order.

Allow yourself to die as a couple so that another paradigm of light and experience is born in this duality. Let the “I am like this ..” become “I am about to explore myself as …” Let us embody death. Paradox as a right of life. The feminine can do it. The feminine is like life itself; we die and are reborn simultaneously (there is no such lineality in the symbolic, energetic and in the realms of self-love)

When gestating, the mother has to manage her childhood, hormonal adolescence, adulthood (from the present past perspective) with hormonal and affective needs, pulling and loosening each other while the future is being created in the present in her womb. She defies time. It is everything and seeks to integrate as best it can to be focused and available for the energetic and emotional feat of giving birth. Ironically, while creating life, you must also feel the flow of death; the death of what was her life, since gestation she embodies ¬†transformation as a “channel” / a sacred”vehicle” ¬†– a mother. She always has been but when activating it, when incarnating it she has to contemplate herself from the whole and from what was for what will be. Detachment and spark of life simultaneously promoting the will of death and life respectively. The feminine knows this creation every time she connects with her second chakra.

What do you seek to embody?

What do you want to dedicate yourself to, possibly from another energy?

What perspectives are being renewed in you? Do you allow them to die and be reborn?

How do you want to move towards the “new” life?

How are you living the transformation?

With the full moon in Capricorn, the saturnine and diligent king within us will allow us to structure what is necessary to channel what we are with order, respect and responsibility. From the new paradigms that are being created socially and internally, with so much movement and gestation. we will be able to close karmic spheres / loops to give rise to renewed experiences from the soul. It could be the same life experiences but from another perspective. With the high frequencies, this will also mean getting rid of “victim / aggressor” paradigms to place ourselves in an empowered place contemplating how we express and limit the use of our power. The energies of the eclipse in cancer made sure of the latter since how we take care of ourselves and take care of our neighbor is part of the essential priority of the cosmic mother of cancer. From there our inner mother has guided us to contemplate what is essential for our well-being and what must “die” in order to adapt to what is germinating in this unpredictable present.

What prevents you from connecting with the joy of everyday life?

Do the same routines serve you?

Do you see your habits as beneficial to you?

Allow yourself to form “macro” objectives from the following vibration; ¬†if you want to be healthier, allow yourself to experience and explore what this means for yourself eg ayurveda, specific cleansing diets, some treatment or medical consultation for support or revision, exercise practices … are some suggestions that make my circle of what they conceive as important for their health but if they are not seen as beings that “experience” they can become very absolutist and closed in a way and perhaps the intention of “health” is much broader than this. For example :

  • Energy health: cleaning, purification, quality and frequency of thoughts and emotions, toxicity for which I take responsibility and my environment, my self-care practices of soul …
  • Emotional and mental health: my internal dialogue, my experience of balance of giving and receiving in my relationships, my sense of gratitude, my contact with joy, my contemplations, practices that offer balance on a daily basis, reflection on beliefs of occasionally to understand my interpretations of what happens to me ….
  • Body health: my relationship with my body, my physical / emotional / physical relationship …. If it is somatizing or not. The limits and nurturing and protective experiences that I offer myself. my emotional and energetic nutrition apart from food.

The last variable also from the previous two as well as multiple factors to name in a complete analysis. I speak of this example in greater detail so that you can feel me in terms of looking at yourself from the macro and defining beyond the established paradigms of the body to talk about health.

They remind me of my definitive guides on how we accompany each other in this life. What kind of attention and friendship I offer myself. How I respect my growth and what it implies at the learning level. And finally

Am I available for life?

Mantras as a suggestion in these special days (support codes for the subconscious)_

  • I allow myself to flow in life
  • I allow myself to feel united to life (hands on the heart)
  • I am grateful for my choice to be here and now (heart)
  • I cultivate love towards my being (sixth chakra and heart)

I take root in transformation. (thus allowing the change / death or nature of evolution to allow itself to be expressed without taboos and without trauma)

Faith is vehemently associated with flowing and feeling supported by it. With so much life and transformation within us there is only energy to experience and truth to discover. Only fear or lack of love for the being could interrupt the channel and still we can get there …

With much love always

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