Freedom for the femenine : Freedom within Truth. Free use of Free will.

I invite you to sit with the following reflections, from my mind and heart to yours.

You can ask yourself permission to enable your mind to be at the service of your heart. You might lean into a different paradigm of inner dialogue thanks to it. 

The new dawn feeling with beloved parts of the femenine

In what way, dear feminine, are you resonating with being “unshackled”, “unchained”? 

In what way, are you claiming yourself?

What does it look like to you to realize the power of your free will?

Does it help you transcend the polarities of bad/ good, aggressor victim? 

Does your free will enable you to take full responsibility for how you interact with your reality? 


At this moment, this privileged moment, I implore you to feel and reflect upon the following.

Do you understand the power of your free will?

There are truths that are undeniable. Once we “know” them no interference can shake them, or shake us. What pearls of wisdom enable the “knowing”? How do these set you free? 

At this very moment, the feminine energy is reaching a climactic point, upon Gaya and within her, in being released of all that held her down, brought her to her knees, and shackled her to submission. This feminine was bursting forth ( without requiring aggression or rage in this instance), we were being coded to expand from a place of love to the self. We have been put under pressure to know how to shape the sacred. In the depths of the caves of our being, we were being pressured into the most luminous version of ourselves. 

We can burst forth. In this expansive state, what are we loving? 

What are we revitalizing?

What are we creating?

When we “know” we are free. There were few to no things we truly know but to know you are love and you matter can carry you through the most harmful of interferences. You are love and can choose yourself wholly at this moment.

What does this “knowing” enable and embolden? 

What happens when you imagine yourself, as a source of light and love, expanding for Gaya? 

What do you turn into? 


When I can harness my free will I can harness my freedom to will my life forward. Let us feel what this does for us within a sense of responsibility and love for the self and for the all. 

I am free to be aware 

I am free to be responsible

I am free to care for the self

I am free to harness the truth ( open mind but sacred heart) as my base

I am free to feel 

I am free to protect myself

I am free to transcend paradigms of duality. 

I am free to expand with all that this entails


Lots of love dear feminine. 


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