World Mother’s Day- Gaia – and the mother goddess in you.

Hey, everybody!!! Happy day!

I invite you in your way to receive the following information and thereby honor in your own way the “mother” I describe the following here. I will do it with a candle for my ancestors (inspired by one of my soul mates on this plane). I love you and share the following: 

 I have friends who really embody an earthy fighter’s energy and every day they help me to be a star seed with the balance I can lack. They have been the protection of my inner compassion, the earth to my heaven, the roots for when I return after I take flight…. I have really been taught a very important value : Knowing how to be a mother of oneself. 

Being stellar and embodying in a human process really moves me to understand that Gaia’s warriors (The Artemises, Dianas….) They really mirror me for example and for their own motivation what it can mean to be a mother here in this world, in this 3d, with all the tools to be able to channel my magic without interference. 

They can be recognized in my writing, but the important thing is to recognize the following role in yourself. Both lost their mothers at an earlier age than desirable in the development of their psyche but it is no coincidence that they ended up actually internalizing the value of resilience. For me they both survived until they chose life. They denied their feeling to go on and now they live honoring feelings. They were able to take these steps as they have me two branches of the wisdom of the tree that form part of their being. They understand knowing how to nurture yourself with what you need and then protect yourself so that you can grow form within  without interference.

They have allowed me to witness and embody compassion and self-gratitude in the process and then I saw how this oxygenated my insides with pink light ( love lense) . They taught me how to protect and nurture what was necessary until my creative being finds how to protect and respect herself in the here and the now. From the Nemetone “the protective enlightenment” the protection of the auric field or the sacredness of it, I was educated for example, on how to preserve myself without getting lost in the clouds of the possible. 3d needs it like this. Gaia takes her time to be her own mother right now enabling my sense of mother and moving into me to take the time it needs but to make it the present priority all the same.  We are all invited to do the same. When we do, she ascends and vice versa. The ingredient of love for oneself in the process is the ingredient that we can put into this moment for Gaia and yourself. I can protect myself without being aggressive toward you but assertive when I move forward with my true being because of the sacredness inside me that is rooted so I don’t have to be afraid of it being threatened. I can nurture the essentials of my soul when I am aware that expressing its treasures is vital to LIVE and not SURVIVE. They, my dear friends of the soul, showed me how to love myself without getting lost

I love you and I love me. Together we represent the balance to which we can access and balance all and everything within us. 

How do we feed ourselves? Energetically, literlally – light, love, health …

What language are we talking to each other with? What ideas do we create with? 

Do I connect with the will of my soul? Or do I “practice” it?

Do I connect with love within me from respect? In other words I’m giving it away, sacrificing it or repressing it? 

These questions for me are part of the Artemisa in both the girl and mother version within the female cycle. Both after the menstruation and during ovulation. It protects the essential of the sacred feminine understanding that the vulnerable is the sensitive and this requires protected channeling. We see it symbolized in the field with the deer and all its connotations of gentility behind it. Artemisa has her bow and arrow visibly prepared in case someone attacks this part. She is not afraid of being both warrior and huntress as she is part of the femenine that heralds it being safe and strong. 

When we literally or metaphorically lose the sense of “mother”, we can forget that she is part of femininity within us by mobilizing something very powerful- knowing how to take care of ourselves and nurture what counts! 

Allow these ideas to flow within you. Allow you to root the sensations of self-care and love towards one with roots in the mother of all- GAIA. The mother takes care of the sacred. The sacred is in your ability to connect with the soul (intuition), the personal gifts and perspectives that of that connection are born for you, as your own right and finally to prioritize the being of being able to express and create from it protected and rooted! Blessed mother of the psyche and soul. Blessed inner mother who takes care of us in 3d. 

From my perspective- Happy Artemis Day- of the inner mother. Protecting and nourishing the sacred!

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