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Hello Loves! 

I just wanted to take a moment to illustrate the significant aspects of dates and astral change between yesterday and today. In this way you access a touch-up of deep understanding (9) from a numerological point of view. 

Yesterday there was a mirror effect of 2/4 on the column of work mirroring the 2/4 in gift – expressing it from the vital priority of 10. In other words, the year-round gift had the mirror in the "work." You had the possibility to use these gifts to start the same job or observe the gifts of the year from a mirror perspective at work. The 2 representing that search for home with earthly boundaries and attachments vs the spiritual home allowing it to be expressed in the way chosen with detachment and love. NO FEAR. 4 presented us with interaction with each other from a similar polarity; from mind, expectation and judgment vs unconditional love and intuition. Since this 2/4 is the basis of opportunity of the year imagine quarantine from this perspective! There was a little talk in the workshop and we will discuss each other's responsibilities in reference to the opportunities of the heart (door to the divine within us) and the sense of home (from faith instead of fear), in the course that will be given this May!! 

Even so I wanted to offer you this observation because today as we enter the 11th, from the conscious or unconscious experience of yesterday, we have the possibility of integrating what has been lived from the authentic wisdom and neutrality of the high master within each. Invite you to observe your reality without the reactivity of the mind or the need for attachment. What does reality offer you? 

What are the truths that look out? Inside you, with the other….

How can you get rooted in these "truths" or their perspectives from love for what it is? 

The taurus sun dawned yesterday by swapping those fires/those sparks from the beginning to the search for roots. From there the revolutionary act of rooting us even though they are in the bowels of Gaia's subconscious. She seeks to transform her reality from within. It's not a purely etheric process. Cetaceans perceive the change in the depths and we are inside but we are not "theoretical". We're very much alive. Some might say even more than ever. Since we live it now it seems like a dream (subconscious) but it's about reality! We no longer have an excuse to fall asleep and we can get ready to get rooted in the new realities we want to manifest. The internal guru can access the highest and give itself a personal legitimate basis. If for some it means taking care of those around us at this time, or taking care of the home and their sense of it (2 from 11) or for others to take care of their physical home (the body o- 5) and even look at it from the spiritual home (4 the heart). We have a lot to put down to root- into new concepts and new realities by accessing a new "truth". Let your sun, wisdom, energy of inner yang light illuminate your firmly rooted foundation in what really matters to you. Answering you today from the master. 

Surrender as a way and desire of my heart to yours. 

A hug to everyone!!! 


More information about the integrative numerology course: karimaspain@gmail.com

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