Conversations with Gaia

I feel the delay with Gaia's pipelines and sharing them with your hearts.

My connections to her have been very phenomenal; based on intimate and lively experiences that it has been essential to take attention and full participation as a priority since realities such as systemic movements were restored through them. Internal movements allowed the release of rabies, karmatic debts. If I could summarize it would be something like : Addressing inequalities and imbalances between giving and receiving.

Some more than others will feel more about this concept. Gaia's dedication has been absolute and unconditional as today's energy (4) since absolute unconditional love. because of the limitations she suffered from the information of the matrix that subjected her to live these realities at lower frequencies and by the delivery that not only went unnoticed, but also, subjected to abuse or neglect, as any maternal energy will always love us but can not ignore its "so far". I felt it purifying through our organs, our blood, our energy… the pain and anger of this experience postulating the need to honor these feelings above all else.

Have you felt the process of debugging your way?

Have you experienced any projections of giving and receiving- the energy of universal nourishing- the plexus?

Can you allow yourself to consciously connect with the space of the heart today to give it presence?


Ask oursepainting female alchemy alchemylves what it means

the DIGNITY of the earth in parallel with the dignity of the feminine would be a very powerful reflection and experience!

Today combines 6 and 4. the responsibility to root ourselves in reality as it is with one's introspective and meditative diligence in order to reach an honest commitment to the heart and its potential for love. Let us set aside judgments, criticisms or demands that can dawn from an unbalanced 4 as dignity is contemplated from respectful compassion. Not since the women's defensive aggression.


Love, always

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