Authenticity in the ascension process

Hello beautiful beings,


I’ve been absent for a while as retrograde wanted me to attribute attention to other parts of me in order to cultivate a different relationship with what I thought I knew of myself and of my relationship with what I consider sacred. The path of light, from my perspective, requires many moments of confrontation and of discomfort and what we consider “routine” even of a sacred nature (ritual or communion with the heart or channel with the other plane) must allow the energies of change to embrace it. In addition to checking if we are rooted in a solid base we have to question where we are rooted and how we take care of those roots to see if we are to solidify the seats of our being.The sacred way we are “here” . In case any seed of unconsciousness or shadow has bred fragile foundations of being. In other words I have been in communion with the huntress within.

The divine feminine is now waking up in everyone. As Gaia feels able to expand further and further from her high heart thanks to the expansion of the matrix. The matrix is composed of our consciousness and lack thereof. When there is more light and more emphasis on the ascension in the individual and the group more expansion of the matrix is enabled. Expanding the matrix enables the possibility of receiving more light, higher frequency and thus allows us to know less the feeling of a “ceiling” in the process of ascension on earth.

The divine feminine is inside one and inside the mother earth and soul of Gaia. It can be conceived as a compass and the way that I consider divinity to be embodied within us. From there, to the greatest love and attention given to oneself and in the energy we give To Gaia we will be in communion with the divinity. This is my perspective of divinity and I share it with you to share my perspective on love as a revolutionary act of ascension.

I’m talking about Love as an aspect of ascension and light. Love as a responsibility. Love as worthy labor. When darkness has wanted to prioritize power in the system, they have done so by prioritizing power over love. Even giving connotations of weakness to love or focusing exclusively on couple or family formats. I’m talking about a love that doesn’t involve “transaction” and can’t be objectified. I speak of love that does not include versus but “and” – yours “and” my right to love ourselves without sacrificing what is sacred within one. The dignity and importance of love (its cultivation, its expansion and its transmission) allows to speak of high-frequency spheres we can enter and live from.

The hunter or huntress energy within is spoken frequently as the path of light responsibility or path of the shaman or the sorcerer. My little offering in this subject is to speak it in the language of the feminine in regard to the huntress. Hunting from this perspective allows us to be vigilant to what might be grey in consciousness and to shed light on those shadows. to bring light to the will of the soul to live. To bring light to the parts of ourselves that we step on or discard by leaving them in the shadows of abandonment. Such light could also be called love. When I enable myself to observe a reality within me (ignored, stepped, criticized, defeated) and give it a prism of light and love, for an instant I can be the director and witness to an alchemy process. Love thus transforms what was once “disposable” into something worthy and sacred. This is what I mean when I talk about the dignity and importance of love. Being in “hunting” mode like the great Artemis involves allowing the appearance of the feminine (protector of the vulnerable and innocent) to be active and available to protect the sacred. So we don’t need to become tough , but we can remain available to life without sacrificing or damaging the interior. In addition, when what is inside is respected (whether understood or not) we are respecting the flow of the feminine, the inner shaman, in order to ascend being AUTHENTIC. Hardening oneself is one of many  coping mechanisms I am exemplifying but is not to be confused with strength. It’s a defense mode for the vulnerable within yet we also create a significant barrier to feel what is sacred within. When we toughen we may become “teflon” in the face of an attack to the heart but we also become “opaque” to the light and love attempting to flow within and out. Yet when we have fear and no spiritual huntress that is recognized we don’t have resources for knowing how to feel safe whilst honoring what is sacred fully feeling it as a part of us. ( More on the capability of authenticity and self protection in future blogs) 

Authenticity allows to be and flow connecting with what is important inside without defense mechanisms and without pretense or facade from the ego. The ego protects us when we do not feel safe in our being and we also set out to live within dynamics of “victim/predator” inside when we still do not strengthen the foundations of love for oneself. You don’t need to be in criticism and  or indulgence this is a product of the latter relationship mentioned. I ( as a general “I” ) don’t need to criticize myself to keep myself humble and keep going. I need to conceive of myself as worthy to love myself and thus love my life process by being exactly what I am. When I conceive of myself as that which I truly am, I can ascend and transform. Neither ignoring my shadow nor repressing its effect when experiencing it enables the process of ascension. You are the self and you are the relationship you create with the parts of yourself. You are the entirety of all those aspects within. You have therefore the privilege and responsibility to relate to all the parts of you with honesty and availability to what is. It has been there for a reason and with more light resources and love you can enable transformation. This isn’t through pressure or rejection of the self. We contemplate what is to allow for what can be. The aspirational space of the self can be inundated with love. This is true “magic” . Its not all external fireworks but the intimate harnessing of ones own fire – the furnace of the spirit no less! 

The hunting towards what moves me from the ego and from the shadow then allows me to know where I need light and love :

 Where is pressure as I can transform it into support?

Where is there a hurry that I can turn it into respect for the process?

Where do I find criticism and how I can grant myself understanding and friendship?

From a foundation without love one will procreate emptiness and absence.

From a foundation where I give myself love (without having the concept of merit labeled by the mind) there is a fortified base. An authentic base of love.  This foundation will make it available for us to work from a healthy energy. If there is love available we can look at the difficult parts and ask ourselves uncomfortable things without the need to victimize or discard ourselves. If we strengthen our base we have ENERGY AVAILABLE TO LIVE without surviving. ( more on this living versus surviving paradigm in future blogs)  

When I honor my aura – I purify it and fill it with light to expand it enough to be protected. When my thoughts or emotions are turning negative, without taking responsibility for the effect of such a dynamic within, these will inevitably end up undermining my energetic field. The result being left without being able to protect the sacred enough. We can conjure a parallelism with the following example: A child who’s learning to love each him or herself in the face of perceived “failure”. If the caregiver (mother or father) does not teach this little one in these early moments how to lean upon love of the self that needs framing from the caregiver ( for instance;  there are many reasons to be proud of your caring for how you do and this is not the same thing as punishing yourself when you find something difficult at school) then this child will not be available to see what needs to be worked on with enthusiasm and loving disposition. He or she could be more vulnerable to criticizing him or herself, attacking him or herself, or abandoning her or his priorities due to lacking the availability for what life is presenting him or her. These key life teachings such as, “being available” to what is to be worked on as a normal part of psychological and emotional development, is what prevents us from empowering and normalizing dialogue with the shadow and observing the ego as we live. All defense mechanisms exist because we don’t normalize the ascension process from within. For instance, we don’t have preparations for finding aspects we won’t like about ourselves and how to ”Love yourself as you observe yourself” anyway.  As you grow up how great would it be to hear frequently as a social construct the following: ”Judgment weakens the development and your communion with the truth within”. 

Authenticity absolutely depends on looking upon oneself as one is and showing ourselves as we are while accepting who we are in the development process we are in. I’m talking about those who want to place authenticity on the path of light and acknowledge their life as a process of ascension. This may not be the way all see their life. Again this is perspective. 

For me and for the purposes of the subject on hand, spirituality is nothing more and nothing less than a path of authenticity and high-frequency love. They both want nourishment and cultivation. And they both create a connection with the soul and our planet. Placing spirituality outside of you or in a practice or substance means forgetting about origin and destiny: Heart and love. If the outside is meant to create more within then we are all going back to the same place anyway. From my perspective there is an important job in just being available to take care of one’s energy dignity, the strength of our faith and energy, the connection with the heart, and the hunting of the unconscious to ignite light and love by accelerating transformation.

Availability requires energy

The connection with the soul – love and authenticity

Simplifying today I feel that I honor and honor you. I share with you my perspective on the work of this moment. I love you.

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