How do the day's numbers help us undertake the new?

Happy New Moon to all!!

New moon in taurus! Although today it is the corresponding lunar energy I feel that tomorrow you will more easily access the energies of it since Pluto will give way to us feeling the energy and spark of the new. We continue in a daily tete with the subconscious, feeling even more the feeling of "night", but tomorrow we can feel more light- a little more sun on the conscious. In other words we can more easily observe each other with love 🙂 Those who have been very tasteful on this metaphorical night have done a great job of Active Healing.

Today is the 4th. The moon has entered with its invisible but very powerful face in a day of heart. All year round 4 (charka, numerical energy, dimension…) is ubiquitous as positive energy to which to access with a little effort. And today it really reminds us of this. We have the 4th in month (work with the other) , the 4 in destination (facilitator of the whole year telling us that we have the 4 as the pending task to finish as learning) emphasized with its positioning in mission of the day. The arrival of the moon is a priority to manifest itself from the 4th.

Let us then manifest from the heart. From the door of the soul.

Is what we ask for really important?

Do we ask for it by having faith?

Do we question our intentions?

Today with the help of the 7. We are informed that if we use our energy awareness about our day and desires we will help the way of the heart. The 7 reminding us that we have the strength to endure every fight. To over bear all perception of conflict from a high perception of "why". With an open heart, from a neutral mind, we can observe every situation with a look of energetic understanding.

Today, if we keep thoughts and intentions at high frequencies automatically we gain a high connection with the heart. People ask me: How can I be here and feel magic?

Imagine being in this 3d with his difficulties and his ego. A path away from the heart is always offered. Every time you choose to root from love to what surrounds you; even if it seems to make it difficult for you, even though conflicts seem to want to unbalance or challenge your sense of "joy," you really choose to cultivate your "magic." I'm asked by teenagers how you can be happy when you're old with everything you know. I reply that "the magic" of the adult lies in forgetting what one "knows" and being more like them. They don't always understand me. But that fantasy and indulgence that are allowed from time to time may have its touch of egocentrism since they are in full development of their individuality but have not yet approached all the dogmas of the adult system so they are allowed access to their childhood and the will of it when they need it. In addition one can see the price of a teenager when he loses his sense of illusion and innocence. They no longer feel like flying, running and dreaming…

The challenge for us is to allow ourselves to dream and love and then root in that reality. For example it does not have to be desired "I want this house" and sit down and think about calculations and location etc… it would be about sitting, expanding the aura, recognizing the heart (now I will pass you a breath of recognition that you can do daily for it) and approach the same projection from the feeling. Invoking for example how one feels in a happy home, how free or welcomed or loved… Yes you can be yourself, create and sow and rest… Yes it is an environment of authenticity and possibility… If here I feel like a girl /or if I feel like it. We could even sit down and imagine the plants and colors that give us joy and harmony. We can root/anchor this reality and thank that moment we have lived as it was a time "time travel" moment from the heart. Then you can see how you interact with your current home and see if from today you can give it that same energy, that same thank you for being, those same colors. You could afford to access the girl or the boy and surround you with colors. Suddenly cultivated love infiltrates your reality and you're already 5d in 3d. It's that simple. The look of love transforms reality. The look of love brings the magic of your heart to the now. You raise your frequency to gratitude and your heart is recognized from its essence of unconditional love and suddenly the judgmental, critical, demanding mind takes a break. It will be there to calculate and plan for us when we need it. But for now, what matters is what energy allows us to sow.

There is only the today and from "the idea", the conceptual seed you can already create what you need. And by loving him you become rooted in it and suddenly your life can turn to the manifestation. The bridge between the idea and the result is in this magical act.

Happy tauro / new moon where the sense of home will be contemplated: I invite you to access the one who always is! The soul — the heart — your authentic self.

Happy heart day. We will feel this intention all month. On the next new moon you will be invited to reflect as you have taken this opportunity.

I love you!


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