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Hello all!!!

This moment my mum decided to keep as I was both laughing and crying. She wanted me to remember I was capable of this and inherently she loved me into the joy being rooted as the transformational power of this sadness.


As we are reaching the point of surfacing after a quite extreme hibernation of the self I noticed that the archetype of Nemetona and higher frequency love anchoring were being summoned within me as important. Nemetona literally means “the clearing in the woods” and it refers symbolically to some as the auric protection that one summons when one can honor their selves with a true sacred space. This space is completely yours holds no other low vibrational energy. Its width and its strength depend on the following; Your capacity to summon a high vibration that keeps you in an expansive high frequency space. When this occurs you are not vulnerable to attacks in the same way. This is to be summoned from the connection to love of the self. The type of compassion we need especially when our ego wants to take us spaces of self loathing that would weaken our sense of connection to our high frequency love holding high frequency truths. 

I have a daily habit of anchoring myself in the kind of love that makes me available to be inservice of you from the highest frequency. If this wasn’t the case I couldn’t deliver channeling of the highest frequencies to people that require of truths that would heal the impediments to their ascension process. I wanted to give a little sample of how I do this for myself and encourage that you have a daily intention of anchoring yourselves in this self love with your chakras actively involved so as to be protected and available for the energetical demands of the day. Re-exposition will definitely require us to have a sense of maintenance and discipline to not return to the disconnect that caused further imbalance within Gaia. 

When we deal with depressive aspects on an energetically level usually the 6th, 1st, 4th and 7th chakras are involved. Their imbalance becomes a nuclear part of how we anchor in non love and inaction even fear based realities and then this energy feeds a distorted reality in the 6th that creates fear based futures / projections and our heart feels blocked as we will feel our will doesn’t count as life isn’t supporting us. When this true disconnect causes us to lose our sense of home the 7th is compromised creating a detrimental effect upon the hope that should be ever present in the human. The kind of hope the allows for the soul to remember it counts and it is here for a purpose. ¿Why do I share this? Eventhough each individual is different and their energetically profile is different I wanted to give an intention that would always invite a natural expansive state of these areas permanently opened and present by the power of self love. 

None of you are truly alone. All of you have meaning in this world. Rooting higher dimension love on the 3d can be tricky but is also can be seen as an intention / gesture like the one I gift you today. We don’t have to have fireworks to remind ourselves to communicate with the soul and its language ( intuition) understood. Its merely about intending and trying. Like the Sufi paths taught me in many writings “its about trying to find my sense of the divine whist alive”. For me that is translatable as “lets connect to the divine within to really LIVE and not SURVIVE”. I was taught as long as you can go to bed at night and know that you have tried this is more than enough. Its the reconciliation with your true self and the ascension process we are here for and this is timeless as its linked to the timeless truth from which we originate- LOVE. 

Anchoring mantras of love according to the frequency of each chakra and its laws is the particular element that you can do in a day to day without having to access the whole visualization and that way you are triggering your subconscious to activate in these purposeful ways , allowing you to normalize such a communication with the self, inadvertly taking higher dimensional activation to the 3d. 

You always deserve love. Always. Reformation is fed by love. When you are shamed, sad, guilt ridden LOVE LOVE LOVE those parts. Hopefully this mini exercise helps with at least attracting the type of love I am referring to. Allow yourself to employ your gifts of sight, empathic channeling and sensation to personalize the love summoning even more. The soul is alive when it expresses freely and is free when it creates . Love – self love especially – is the fuel. 


Needless to say I love you all! 


People have been asking me for visualisations to improve health in their particular issues and improve their relationships so as to include healing methods. So I have been creatively channeling personalized visualizations and meditations as a part of private individualized work. Contact me and I will surely extend a channeling for your higher purposes gladly!! Quite the alchemical process to witness you manifest your wishes from  higher spaces!

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