Absence – a heart perspective

Dear all I have been inactive for a while and some of you have noticed and had the kindness to let me know this was felt. 


The least I can do in return is speak from the heart with regards to this

Sometimes we notice an “absence”  but usually, we find it difficult to notice the absence within ourselves. Feeling absent from the feeling of “you”. I deem it something akin to being “here” but not being “home”. Home being that heart vessel within that holds your essence and our awareness being the conduit to giving it primary importance and caring about dialoguing with it. From this space, my truth is derived. From this space I can feel the timelessness of being “me” in the true sense of the word as this is the space- the heart- the higher heart to be specific- where love resides. 

I am saying recently Love first then Understand why. For example, you find a shadow creeping up in your discourse, the way you interpret the world, the needs, etc… and all of a sudden you want to “improve” / fix. The divine feminine has taught me that “understanding” first and feel we always have superiority over the shadow is a travesty with regards to our potential and the nuances of light and dark each aspect has. My partner freed me once, quite inadvertently, in his way by telling me “You are parts left to be explored and known … in the meantime love them”. This was whilst I was working through my self-love in this period of “absence”.

Blessed absence. Blessed distancing from the self. My heart is always waiting. My heart is unconditional. My returning to it a choice and the distance in between a powerful lesson. 

The following interaction is something I hope empowers your closeness with the vessel of your true self: 

  • I bow my head symbolically to the heart – this gesture allows my mind to know that the heart is the authority it is honoring
  • I inhale and exhale with awareness from the heart chakra and if I feel to I also give myself time to do the same for the third eye especially if I have notices blocks or stagnations.
  • I convey the intention in the following way ” I am heart. I am life. I am here” ” I give permission to receive myself as I am am” “I give permission to receive myself as divine” 
  • “I remind myself that this intention and the sacred moment is intentional and a testament to the magic that is always waiting for me within” 
  • I feel my heart- it’s needs, the light, the energy. This is a place of love that gives me life. I honour this life and energy but beholding it and treasuring it with nothing else taking priority. Then I allow the breath to expand light from within in a way that surrounds me and creates a force field ( If I feel to give myself loving/high-frequency protection) 
  • I go to the 6th chakra and after conscious breathe I expand love and light from it creating a fortifying sphere or “halo”. I acknowledge how this purifies and protects the mind allowing me to anchor myself in reality and the possibility without the need for densities. I exhale the densities. 
  • With this, I at times consciously breathe and receive myself from the 7th and watch how the light and high frequency I am cultivating in the heart and third eye is also fed by the light from above that I allow myself to receive. 
  • All lights converging in my mind’s eye allows me to feel like I receive myself, my higher self and protect and source myself with light from above. 
  • Finally, I root myself in this light in whatever way I feel to that day and then thank myself for having the intention to be present from all that I am energetically. As a being of love in transformation

When I am rushed or particularly unbalanced I attempt to just anchor the intention of the visualisation of being with my heart and reminding it I am grateful and receive myself from this space. This space I give authority to. I am repeating the concept of “intention” so that we can be reminded that this is what matters when we are truly lost. The intention of returning home. The directed actions might be difficult at times. 

I just wanted to share from a place of companionship and if this helps then I would feel honored! 

Lastly, I will be posting a visualization and blog post on faith soon as it closely relates to the distance described above. Yet today I wanted to share how I resuscitate myself – my true self to the incarnate self. This 3d is a perceived self but the many other expressions of the self happening in all times and space converge in the heart. Hence our wisdom deriving from here with the life experience on the 3d giving it shape. 

In my upcoming observation on “faith”, I refer to the faith in oneself and faith in “change”. A faith associated with oneself as a source of divinity. Nothing external. It’s all within. Let’s bridge the gaps from this “sacred self” together in this cosmic time of extraordinary change. 

I leave you all with this paradox I am uttering to myself recently: ” I anchor myself in change ” and will explain why later… This will be revolutionary to anchor in the self to let go of fear of change, loss and control. 


Some are having their soul and life mission numbers analyzed in my courses and in personal sessions. You can also contact me for this in reference to receiving personalized soul connections according to your own individual unique needs. 

Thank you for your kind heart and receptivity 

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