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The KIT, Karima Integrative Therapy speaks about the 3 part capacity to fuse the;  healing aspect of psychological analysis, emotional and mental growth via educational reflection and finally psycho-spiritual expansion.

I firmly believe we are made of the mind, the spirit and the heart and all these are to be healed, tended to and nurtured.

This is because KIT speaks first and foremost of me, my inner workings: it stems from my core which is really a key part of my work.

I am of the mind hence my having devoted years to forming myself in the art of psychology yet the “wanting” feeling it left me with stemmed from my not being a purely intellectual being and knowing neither are any of us.

My core values encompass looking at things with the depth that they deserve and these weren’t being honoured with my original academic formation. I wanted to go “beyond” and give myself permission to do just that  which, believe me, was hard.

I had naturally , never thinking it was anything extraordinary, been able to channel, intuit and feel the other as if they were a part of me. This is not a symbolic process . I mean it quite literally. I was able to feel your pain and know what it needed from as early as 5 years old. Many times it was honestly to my detriment as having;  a core empathic trait with all senses heightened ( even those we cant rationally account for) led to an omnipresent want to serve, causing a feeling of vulnerability as an “over-sensitive misfit”.  When I realised that the gifts that developed within were not a “curse” but something to hone I can now infuse them into my psychological work.

I read you in a very unique way. I go straight to the heart. Then according to your bravery I witness and guide you toward your soul.

I embraced the integrated Karima. With  a dire need to shed my fear of non acceptance, I couldn’t deny that people are helped only to a certain degree with psychological work, leaving me with no choice but to implement the parts of my soul and deeper emotional work that would truly help.

My spiritual father and empowered mother were amazing in acknowledging the support I needed and offered me continual sense of hope. They did this by always stating that “learning about who I was and having values that were important to my being” would provide energy to move forward and love myself no matter what.

The latter is hard for all of us but the first concept,  “learning”, was the super-protection. We would reflect about my feelings, thoughts and energetical experiences with no judgment, providing the perfect platform for me to embrace my potential. So my first step into my career was in aiding children. Children were the key to this. They werent having anything less than the “full package” from day 1. They only wanted depth and transparency with no tabu and the freedom to be.

Protecting them by teaching them core socio-emotional values and core personal values to develop in a healthy way was incredibly rewarding. I knew that in in order to prevent traumas as much as possible engaging them in active reflection and having them learn about their minds and their positive / negative habits in order to make functional choices were nuclear. I found that with time they were no longer just reacting.

They were taking responsability for themselves and setting internal and external goals that left them feeling proud of who they were aspiring to turn into. Children from broken homes, violent homes, negligent homes asking for love knew thay had me but then , the best part, was then they knew how to “be there for themselves” as time required it .

I realised then that the energetical and psychological needed an educational component. Even for the adult? Yes especially for the adult… No matter age, life situation or experience, integrated  “therapy” is taken as you learning about  the real sense of you above and beyond the indoctrinated sense of self we tend to build up.

My purpose is to help you ascend through life no matter the psycho-energetical needs. I only await the courage, to go within and upward, toward this elevated you and go for it!

The Integrative therapy born from inside me for you. Significantly different and profoundly compassionate work – with lots of love! For the little ones, the big ones, the family and the spirit!

Feedback & Reviews

Feedback from some of the individuals I have had the privilege having one-to-one therapeutic interaction.

Her incredibly good heart has guided her into helping those lost around her allowing them to become their best selves. – Malkawi, 28

It goes above and beyond what you even expected for yourself! – Esther, 43

Karima´s therapies will have an unprecedented positive impact on the development of your heart – Dane, 44

Summary of credentials:


Psychology degree specialising in systemic psychology and deep rooted trauma from early infancy to early adulthood (Granada, Madrid and Paris)


MA in clinical intervention in socio-emotional difficulties in educational environments (Madrid, Spain)

Honors in Project development

Honors in Project development in bilingual emotional intelligence program for child oncological wing

Honors in Systemic psychology

Honors in Systemic psychology Thesis applied with Gestalt and creative psychology methodology Supervised Systemic Psychology training from Hellinger based methodology ( Cádiz 2009-2013)
Systemic Organizational coaching training 2012-2013(Cadiz, Spain)

Health psychology specialization via specific work experience in Child Autism Centre (Cádiz, Spain)

Health psychology specialization via specific work experience in Child Autism Centre ( Cádiz, Spain): Use of personal art therapy method to channel aggression and anxiety into positive and free outlets of expression

Psycho emotional training

Psycho emotional training for perinatal care (Chile and Cuzco, Peru)

EMDR Training

EMDR training with psychosomatic work in mother care environments and female trauma cases ( Marbella, Spain) 2017-2018

Additional Clinical- Holistic Formation

Transpersonal psychology certification
Hypnosis; Visualization Techniques


Mindfulness applied to developmental difficulties

Female empowerment development

Female empowerment development through psycho-therapy methodology: Numerous workshops in Chile, Peru, Marbella, Madrid and Paris

Oneiric painting course

Oneiric painting course (2014-2016) related to clinical diagnosis in abstract painting as well as conflict resolution through abstract interpretation.

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