A gift for you – The Gaia within – Guided meditation


Hello to all!!! I am happy to offer the following today! 🙂


Inspired by a very special client I was moved to personalize a meditation for her- or at least the intention of one- as an integrative and experiential reminder that she is one with Gaia. However this intention felt as one to be shared with all due to present circumstances of Gaia and our relationship. Many of my interactions with individuals as a guide will inspire the seeds that would sew new realities for all and I wish to offer it as a co-creation intention today. She who I imagined when delving into this guided meditation is an extension of all divine feminine that may recognize within the elemental connection to Gaia.

Recognizing Gaia within is a personal and subjective matter. Some of us are grateful for her being our root and move our faith to the ethereal ( sky above symbolism). When one allows themselves to see themselves as one with the divine and what it means to be of the stars and of the earth one is compelled to recognize oneself in it all – as one. It is not a polar reality but that of personalized integration. Gaia isn’t the tree or the river, she can be felt as ; all elements in all space and time , in all expression of female divinity in abundance, in the explicit and subtle, permeating our conscious, subconscious and unconscious, asking for us to honor the cycles of her relation with the moon and her feeding from the sun. She reminds us of her sacred relationships as through them she can witness who she is. Gaia creates the fundamental relationship of life with us as her network of “mind” for instance and the afore mentioned spherical beings ( moon and sun) as the cultivation space of with within ( feminine- ying -emotion -intuition) and the sun ( the spark of growth and nourishment) and we see her amid this relationship. She is the relationship of what is between it all and we grow from her, as a part of her and as extension of ourselves toward her. The divine is in the relation. The seed doesn’t jus grow, it is watered, rooted, guided into growth and part of Gaias biological and energetically alchemy.

We can imitate such a relational experience of ourselves by allowing ourselves to imitate the natural mother. We can observe how we respond and receive ourselves in an integration act as she responds and receives herself in her natural states of giving and receiving herself. My twin flame calls love “the act of seeing and receiving the other” This is the divine masculine placing into words his sense of co creational love. Gaia might be the expression of love and the giving of such . We can at least honor it by being available for this.

So sparked by the individual in mind and the star seeds who have co created an awareness ,through a collective consciousness we share , to honor the Gaia within I share with you the following guided meditation.


If any of you should have an interest in receiving personalized individual guided meditations for your developmental purposes I am happy to offer a free consultation on the intention and then offer you a service that includes a personalized channeled accompaniment to your growth and or healing. Karima Therapy is about nourishing the soul connection and the channeled resources toward this intention ,that take many form, the way creativity can mi multifaceted and free. It will be your spirit , your guides, that ask me how to be of service and what could be of best use for you.  

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