Hi, I’m Karima. Welcome to a journey tailored to your integrative needs.

Karima Integrative Therapy shortens the distance between your current you and your potential.


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The Integrative methodology


Karima therapy truly goes to the “core” with a powerful and caring  base. The first tends to be one-to-one transformational work but after engaging in the KIT journey one is healing from the soul.
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Learning about the True You. From exploring and training a healthy development in children and teens to special couple and family work. Karima Therapy takes care of the “whole”  offering courses with specialized workshops dedicated to the female and child psyche. Check out previous ad hoc workshops and upcoming courses!


Transpersonal Soul work. From energy and intuition training to personalized explorations of your deep gifts and missions. Beyond healing and therapy Karima Therapy provides Soulful explorations to gain true meaning for ones life and self.

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Karima Therapy Courses

A quintessential component of Karima Therapy is learning together!

Offering unique experiences for women, the little ones and even the couples out there! Indoors and outdoors we grow together!

Having provided workshops with focused experiences in Spain and Holland for years I know its time to learn a little differently, to learn about oneself truly in an open-minded nurturing community!

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Karima has given me a sense of joy as a mother. She is sure about her success so she helped me believe in my own – anonym

My Story

I am a health psychologist and transpersonal educator. Specialised in socio-emotional interventions in educational contexts (teaching in values)

And systemic psychology applied to family contexts, couples and organisational guidance. Dedicated to the holistic empowerment of women and transpersonal education of children and teens.

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